StuPa (Student Parliament)

What is the StuPa and how is it composed?

Every democratic system needs a legislature. In the student body, this is represented by the parliament.

This is where decisions are made about the direction we want to take as a student body, where rules and bylaws are passed, and where the "legal" framework for the executive branch is set. (Rules of procedure of the StuPa)

In addition, through its political mandate, the StuPa can make statements on behalf of the students and take a stand on university policy issues.

The parliament consists of 28 seats:

  • 7 student senate members
  • 7 delegates of the student councils
  • 14 Members by direct mandates

The head of the StuPa is the chairman with his two representatives. These offices are elected annually by the student parliament.

Meetings are usually held in public 2 weeks prior to University Senate meetings. The exact dates and premises will be here announced.

The next meeting of the Student Parliament will be held in:

Registration for the next session

ChairCeline Winkler
Phone: 07131 3851 120
1. deputy of the chairman (minute taker)Amelie Rink
Phone: 07131 3851 120
  • Aaron Trinkner (WV/BU)
  • Cara Hoffmann (IT/MIB)
  • Celine Winkler (WV/BU)
  • Marco Serini (WV/BU)
  • Naomi Jost (IT/MIB)
  • Tom Kraus (IT/AIB)
  • Umut Mehmet Eke (IT/MIB)
  • Daniel Franz (IB/IBB)
  • Carolin Sinn (IB/TM)
  • Sarah Al-Maisary (T1/ASB)
  • Francois Alecander Krüger (WV/WIN)
  • Jonas Reichardt (IB/IBB)
  • Sebastian Linn (T1/MEL)
  • Frank Prim (IB/MIB)
  • Lilian Müller (MV/MPW)
  • Luis Stöhr (WV/VBB)
  • Oemer Fetih Erdogan (TP/BEL)
  • Damian Lion (WV/WIN)
  • Benjamin Hasanaj (TP/BEL)
  • Dustin-Scott Parsons (WV/BU).
  • Clarissa Strecker (IB/IBB)
  • Dorothea Jaspers (TP/BEL)
  • Julika Krüger (IT/MIB)
  • Matteo Francesca (IB/IBB)
  • Benjamin Martens (IB/IBB)
ITMariam Hassania
MVSophia Heeß
T1Mohammed Halawi
TPRouven Lips
TWPaul Hoffmannn