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03 Nov 2022
Abgelaufene Events


16:45 - 18:15


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The interview

A successful self-presentation is the most important In any interview. Convince your interlocutors from your Personality and qualification. With good Techniques and methods you manage a authentic and effective presentation.

In the webinar you will Conversation techniques with which you can positively win over your counterpart.

To help you deal with critical questions in the interview, you will be given suitable strategies conveyed in order to respond to the React confidently to a situation to be able

With these recommendations, in the future you will make your interviews much more successful by preparing well and using a few techniques. more relaxed and more successful can lead.

An offer of the Career Service of Heilbronn University for students of Heilbronn University. The series is part of the Studium Generale. By taking part in the courses, you can collect points and earn a certificate with ECTS. You can find more information about the Career Passport at here.




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