Yammer - Our Network

what is yammer?

Yammer is...

  • a social network used for private communication within organizations
  • Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user's Internet domain, so only people with approved email addresses can join their respective network
  • Yammer also offers all the other functions of a social network 

What can I use Yammer for? 

On Yammer, you can ... 

  • network on topics, ideas & projects
  • Exchange experience and knowledge
  • Share & comment content
  • Chat & stay up to date with news
  • Join appropriate groups (divided by course of study, sports, etc.)
  • Post, reply or like
  • Upload and download documents (images, PDFs or other files)
  • Participate in polls / surveys
  • Follow people, posts & hashtags

How is Yammer different from Instagram, Facebook & Co. 

  • Unlike public social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which are open to everyone, Yammer only allows members who belong to the same email domain to network
  • In the groups can be communicated much more effectively
  • You can post questions in the groups and find answers faster, even if you don't know who to ask
  • Everyone can specifically join their appropriate groups
  • You can also meet new people easier this way

Does Yammer also work on cell phones & tablets? 

  • Yes, Yammer is available on all devices and operating systems: PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets
  • You can download the Yammer app from the App Store

How do I edit my Yammer profile? 

  • Select the icon forSettingsand thenEdit settingsfrom 
  • On the tabProfileAdd information that may be helpful - e.g., your skills, interests, experience 
  • Memorye then all changes
  • By the way, you can also unsubscribe from Yammer's automatic mails in the settings.

How do I sign up for Yammer? 

This video will help you log in to Yammer and find your way around.

Initial registration:

  • Open the pagehttps://www.yammer.com/asta-hhn  
  • In the Business email address field the student email address enter 
  • Follow the instructions on the page and in the email.
  • The next time you log in, you will enter a standard network that is not serviced.
  • ATTENTION: Please enter again in the address barhttps://www.yammer.com/asta-hhnEnter
  • Now you are in the AStA HHN network

Login after registration in the network: 

 How do I join groups that interest me? 

  • The groups you already belong to are listed in the left pane 
  • How to find other groups: ChooseDiscover more groupsoff. 
  • Search or useSearchto find groups 
  • Read descriptions, scroll through the group feed or look at members to find relevant groups 
  • Choosejoinout if you find a group you would like to participate in 
  • If it is public, you will be added to it immediately 
  • If it is private, you will be added to it only if the group administrator has approved your request.