Semester ticket

The semester ticket is aimed at students aged 27 and over. For students under 27 years there is the YouthTicketBW.

The HNV Semester Ticket is an offer for you. With the ticket you have for 190,00 € (01/2023) around the clock free travel in the whole HNV country and beyond that also in the whole area of the KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall. The semester ticket can be sold so cheaply because you pay a solidarity contribution of 15 euros with your administration fees/student union fees.

The semester ticket is valid for full 6 months. Start in Summer term is optional March or April, in the Winter term optional September or October. The ticket is Not transferable, also no other persons can be taken (exception: children under 6 years).

The ticket is available upon presentation of a valid student ID or a current certificate of enrollment at the following offices CustomerCenters Heilbronn, Künzelsau, Öhringen and Schwäbisch Hall and with us at the HHN (AStA office Campus Sontheim).

In addition, you can also use parts of the HNV offer without a semester ticket. On presentation of your valid student ID, you can use the Heilbronn public transport system (zone A) free of charge on weekdays from 7 pm, on weekends and all day on public holidays. This also applies in Künzelsau for the city bus service and the mountain railroad of the city of Künzelsau as well as the zones 811, 812, 816, 818, 819 and 855. For students of the HHN at the campus Schwäbisch Hall in the city transport Schwäbisch Hall (zone 510).

Important! If you lose your semester ticket, you will have to pay a fee of 30 euros.

Area of validity of the semester ticket, source: HNV

The sale of semester tickets at HHN (only for HHN students) for the winter semester 2022/23 starts on 14 September 2022 and is available from us at the Sontheim campus. It is also available at the customer centers in Heilbronn, Künzelsau, Öhringen and Schwäbisch Hall.

Connecting Semester Ticket

You come from one of the neighboring transport associations (KVV, VRN, VVS and OstalbMobil) and already have a semester ticket there? Then the Semester-TicketPLUS is the right one for you. This is a connection ticket for the HNV region (+ KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall).

Like the classic semester ticket, the Semester-TicketPLUS is valid for a full 6 months and starts in the summer semester either from March or April and in the winter semester either from September or October.

To purchase the ticket, you must present the semester ticket of the cooperating association and a valid student ID or alternatively a current certificate of enrollment. The connection ticket is only available in the CustomerCenters Heilbronn, Öhringen, Künzelsau and Schwäbisch Hall and costs 240,00 € (01/2023).

The Semester-TicketPLUS is not valid in the opposite case. That is, if you come from the HNV area and have to commute regularly to a neighboring transport association. In this case, you must choose the connection ticket of the respective transport association:

  • Connection-StudiTicket
  • 307,00 € (01/2023)

  • Connection study card
  • + Verkehrsverbund Pforzheim-Enz (VPE), VPE: rail transport only
  • 220,00 € (09/2022)

  • Connection semester ticket
  • 225,60 € (01/2023)

  • OstalbMobil
  • 170,00 € (08/2022)

Cooperating transport associations
Source: HNV


AStA Office (HHN students only)

Campus Sontheim, Room A011

Regular sale from Monday to Thursday between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm.

Payment in cash or with EC card.

Heilbronn Customer Center

Olgastrasse 2
74072 Heilbronn

Monday - Friday: 9 - 12 h and 13 - 17 h

CustomerCenter Schwäbisch Hall

Am Spitalbach 20
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Monday - Friday: 9 - 17 h

CustomerCenter Künzelsau

Station road 8
74653 Künzelsau

Monday - Friday: 8 - 17 h

CustomerCenter Öhringen

Station 1
74613 Öhringen

Mon - Fri : 7.15 - 18.30
Sat: 9 - 14 h

FAQ about the semester ticket

Who can use the semester ticket?

Students at all universities in the HNV region who have a semester ticket agreement with the HNV and pay an increased Studierendenwerk/AStA fee per semester.

How long is the semester ticket valid?

For an entire semester (a full 6 months)! And that around the clock. Start in the summer semester is either March or April, in the winter semester either September or October.

Where is the semester ticket valid?

On buses, trains, light rail and mountain trains throughout the HNV region and in the entire area of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall (s. Map).

Where is the semester ticket available?

At the HNV Customer Centers and at the HHN Student Union (Sontheim Campus). Proof of eligibility (e.g. student ID, certificate of enrollment) must be presented when purchasing.

What does the semester ticket cost?

190 € (01/2023)

What are the connection tickets?

For holders of a semester ticket from the neighboring associations KVV, VRN, VVS and OstalbMobil, it is possible to purchase the Semester-TicketPLUS to supplement the HNV area.

For holders of a semester ticket from the HNV who have to travel to the neighboring KVV, VRN, VVS associations, there is the possibility to purchase a connection ticket of the respective association. Further information is available here.