Semes­ter ticket

The semes­ter tick­et is aimed at stu­dents aged 27 and over. For stu­dents under 27 years there is the YouthTick­etBW.

To reduce the wait­ing time, we rec­om­mend to use the Order form to be filled in and brought with you. 

The HNV Semes­ter Tick­et is an offer for you. With the tick­et you have for 199,00 € (06/2023) around the clock free trav­el in the whole HNV coun­try and beyond that also in the whole area of the KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall. The semes­ter tick­et can be sold so cheap­ly because you pay a sol­i­dar­i­ty con­tri­bu­tion of 15 euros with your admin­is­tra­tion fees/student union fees.

The semes­ter tick­et is valid for full 6 months. Start in Sum­mer term is option­al March or April, in the Win­ter term option­al Sep­tem­ber or Octo­ber. The tick­et is Not trans­fer­able, also no oth­er per­sons can be tak­en (excep­tion: chil­dren under 6 years).

The tick­et is avail­able upon pre­sen­ta­tion of a valid stu­dent ID or a cur­rent cer­tifi­cate of enroll­ment at the fol­low­ing offices Cus­tomer­Centers Heil­bronn, Künzel­sau, Öhrin­gen and Schwäbisch Hall and with us at the HHN (AStA office Cam­pus Sontheim).

In addi­tion, you can also use parts of the HNV offer with­out a semes­ter tick­et. On pre­sen­ta­tion of your valid stu­dent ID, you can use the Heil­bronn pub­lic trans­port sys­tem (zone A) free of charge on week­days from 7 pm, on week­ends and all day on pub­lic hol­i­days. This also applies in Künzel­sau for the city bus ser­vice and the moun­tain rail­road of the city of Künzel­sau as well as the zones 811, 812, 816, 818, 819 and 855. For stu­dents of the HHN at the cam­pus Schwäbisch Hall in the city trans­port Schwäbisch Hall (zone 510).

Impor­tant! If you lose your semes­ter tick­et, you will have to pay a fee of 30 euros.

Area of valid­i­ty of the semes­ter tick­et, source: HNV

The sale of semes­ter tick­ets at HHN (only for HHN stu­dents) for the win­ter semes­ter 2023 starts on 18 Sep­tem­ber 2023 and is avail­able from us at the Son­theim cam­pus. It is also avail­able at the cus­tomer cen­ters in Heil­bronn, Künzel­sau, Öhrin­gen and Schwäbisch Hall.

Con­nect­ing Semes­ter Ticket

You come from one of the neigh­bor­ing trans­port asso­ci­a­tions (KVV, VRN, VVS and Ostalb­Mo­bil) and already have a semes­ter tick­et there? Then the Semes­ter-Tick­et­PLUS is the right one for you. This is a con­nec­tion tick­et for the HNV region (+ KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall).

Like the clas­sic semes­ter tick­et, the Semes­ter-Tick­et­PLUS is valid for a full 6 months and starts in the sum­mer semes­ter either from March or April and in the win­ter semes­ter either from Sep­tem­ber or October.

To pur­chase the tick­et, you must present the semes­ter tick­et of the coop­er­at­ing asso­ci­a­tion and a valid stu­dent ID or alter­na­tive­ly a cur­rent cer­tifi­cate of enroll­ment. The con­nec­tion tick­et is only avail­able in the Cus­tomer­Centers Heil­bronn, Öhrin­gen, Künzel­sau and Schwäbisch Hall and costs 240,00 € (01/2023).

The Semes­ter-Tick­et­PLUS is not valid in the oppo­site case. That is, if you come from the HNV area and have to com­mute reg­u­lar­ly to a neigh­bor­ing trans­port asso­ci­a­tion. In this case, you must choose the con­nec­tion tick­et of the respec­tive trans­port association:

  • Con­nec­tion-Stu­d­i­Tick­et
  • 307,00 € (01/2023)

  • Con­nec­tion study card
  • + Verkehrsver­bund Pforzheim-Enz (VPE), VPE: rail trans­port only
  • 220,00 € (09/2022)

  • Con­nec­tion semes­ter ticket
  • 225,60 € (01/2023)

  • Ostalb­Mo­bil
  • 170,00 € (08/2022)

Coop­er­at­ing trans­port asso­ci­a­tions
Source: HNV


AStA Office (HHN stu­dents only)

Cam­pus Son­theim, Room A011

Reg­u­lar sale 

Mon­day — Thurs­day:
09.30 — 11.30 h and 12.30 — 14.00 h

Pay­ment in cash or with EC card.

Heil­bronn Cus­tomer Center

Olgas­trasse 2
74072 Heil­bronn

Mon­day — Fri­day: 9 — 12 h and 13 — 17 h

Cus­tomer­Center Schwäbisch Hall

Am Spi­tal­bach 20
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Mon­day — Fri­day: 9 — 17 h

Cus­tomer­Center Künzelsau

Sta­tion road 8
74653 Künzel­sau

Mon­day — Fri­day: 8 — 17 h

Cus­tomer­Center Öhringen

Sta­tion 1
74613 Öhrin­gen

Mon — Fri : 7.15 — 18.30
Sat: 9 — 14 h

FAQ about the semes­ter ticket

Who can use the semes­ter tick­et?

Stu­dents at all uni­ver­si­ties in the HNV region who have a semes­ter tick­et agree­ment with the HNV and pay an increased Studierendenwerk/AStA fee per semester.

How long is the semes­ter tick­et valid?

For an entire semes­ter (a full 6 months)! And that around the clock. Start in the sum­mer semes­ter is either March or April, in the win­ter semes­ter either Sep­tem­ber or October.

Where is the semes­ter tick­et valid?

On bus­es, trains, light rail and moun­tain trains through­out the HNV region and in the entire area of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall (s. Map).

Where is the semes­ter tick­et avail­able?

At the HNV Cus­tomer Cen­ters and at the HHN Stu­dent Union (Son­theim Cam­pus). Proof of eli­gi­bil­i­ty (e.g. stu­dent ID, cer­tifi­cate of enroll­ment) must be pre­sent­ed when purchasing.

What does the semes­ter tick­et cost?

190 € (01/2023)

What are the con­nec­tion tick­ets?

For hold­ers of a semes­ter tick­et from the neigh­bor­ing asso­ci­a­tions KVV, VRN, VVS and Ostalb­Mo­bil, it is pos­si­ble to pur­chase the Semes­ter-Tick­et­PLUS to sup­ple­ment the HNV area.

For hold­ers of a semes­ter tick­et from the HNV who have to trav­el to the neigh­bor­ing KVV, VRN, VVS asso­ci­a­tions, there is the pos­si­bil­i­ty to pur­chase a con­nec­tion tick­et of the respec­tive asso­ci­a­tion. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion is avail­able here.