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Every oth­er week we pick a recipe and share it with you.

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Rhubarb treat

Rhubarb can score with a large por­tion of potas­si­um. The min­er­al, along with sodi­um and chlo­ride, is an impor­tant elec­trolyte in the body.

Goat cheese in sal­ad nest

Would you rather have some­thing light for din­ner instead of some­thing hearty? Then the goat cheese in the sal­ad nest is just right! Goat cheese with its char­ac­ter­is­tic aro­ma fits per­fect­ly to the sal­ad and makes you full in the sum­mer heat.

Veg­e­tar­i­an grilling: How to make the veg­eta­bles the star

Moun­tains of meat on the grill are a thing of the past: Veg­e­tar­i­an bar­be­cue food is on the rise. But it does­n’t always have to be the typ­i­cal veg­etable skew­er on the grill. 

3 healthy ice cream recipes for summer

Read here how to make ice cream at home with­out an ice cream mak­er and how it is healthy and deli­cious at the same time. Look for­ward to fruit pop­si­cles, peanut-choco­late-nice­cream and a fruity frozen yogurt.

May punch

You prob­a­bly know woodruff as green jel­lo — in our recipe it comes fresh into the pot.

Fruity dessert: rhubarb crumble

Apple crum­ble is a clas­sic dessert — with rhubarb instead of apple, it tastes fresh and spring-like. Warm from the oven espe­cial­ly delicious.

Aspara­gus with wild gar­lic scrape

Aspara­gus with Kratzete — a per­fect com­bi­na­tion of healthy and hearty, which makes the heart of Baden-Würt­tem­berg beat faster at East­er. Kratzete are bat­tered pan­cakes and are sim­ply a side dish to aspara­gus in the state.

Veg­an spring dip: wild gar­lic hummus

Whether as a dip, spread or pesto: wild gar­lic is ver­sa­tile in the kitchen — and turns every dish into a spicy spring treat. We have three wild gar­lic recipes for you that are quick and easy to prepare.

Veg­an Black Bean Burger

Can veg­an burg­ers be real­ly tasty? Yes! These veg­an burg­ers are pret­ty straight­for­ward. The savory uma­mi fla­vor comes from roast­ed mush­rooms and miso paste. The black beans pro­vide a good amount of protein.

Swabi­an Swabi­an ravioli

The Swabi­an dumplings look incon­spic­u­ous, but have it in them. With the spicy fill­ing they are sim­ply delicious.

Pome­gran­ate juice

Pome­gran­ates con­tain many antiox­i­dants and are also incred­i­bly tasty. Once you get the hang of cor­ing, you can turn the red fruit into a deli­cious fruit juice in no time at all.

Region­al recipes for Valentine’s Day

With lit­tle tricks we con­jure up a healthy and roman­tic menu from region­al clas­sics like Flädle­suppe, Kraut-Spät­zle and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.hoken taste.

Jerusalem arti­choke gratin

Instead of tra­di­tion­al pota­toes, try increas­ing Jerusalem arti­chokes. It has few­er calo­ries and a slight­ly nut­ty or arti­choke flavor.

Schnitzel-Vir­gin Roulade

Whether savoy cab­bage, red cab­bage or white cab­bage — the cab­bage sea­son starts with the begin­ning of the cold days. They are a nice change from the clas­sic, the cab­bage rolls.

Veg­an break­fast bowl with chia seeds

Super tasty for veg­ans and all those who like to spoon mues­li for break­fast: This bowl recipe packs a lot of pow­er — topped with fresh fruit.

Cold tea with sooth­ing herbs

Quick help is need­ed when you have a cold. Just drink your­self healthy — with our herbal tea recipe to make yourself.

Parsnip soup with apple and cress

Food blog­ger Ste­van Paul’s creamy parsnip soup with apple pro­vides lots of healthy nutri­ents and is the super­food of winter.

Parsnips are uncom­pli­cat­ed to pre­pare and very ver­sa­tile: they are suit­able as an alter­na­tive for car­rots and celery.

Pump­kin pizza

Top organ­ic chef Simon Tress knows his way around region­al foods like pump­kin. His down-to-earth and at the same time fine cui­sine impress­es above all with its refine­ment and a great pen­chant for prod­ucts from his own region. Today he shows us the recipe for his favorite piz­za — sim­ply delicious!

Waf­fle recipe with vegetables

Cook­ing at home is back in fash­ion — not only because of Coro­na, but also because more and more peo­ple are eat­ing more con­scious­ly. Try veg­etable waf­fles: a quick and healthy recipe for the whole family.

Buck­wheat risot­to recipe — sim­ple and healthy

Cook­ing with region­al foods in a refined way — top organ­ic chef Simon Tress shows you how to do it in the AOK kitchen work­shop with his buck­wheat risot­to recipe. An autum­nal dish that will make you fit for the cold season.

Ener­gy Balls: healthy snack

Round, healthy and with­out added sug­ar: Home­made ener­gy balls have con­quered our taste. The lit­tle super snacks are easy to make, have a long shelf life, and are just right for those lit­tle hunger pangs in between meals.

The best recipes for pump­kin soup

There are many deli­cious recipes for pump­kin soup — and ours are on the table in just 30 min­utes. Find your new favorite recipe for the deli­cious autumn veg­etable here and con­vince guests and fam­i­ly with lots of taste and cre­ativ­i­ty. So off to the mar­ket, it’s final­ly pump­kin time again!

Make ice cubes yourself

Almost every­one always has nor­mal ice cubes in the freez­er. But how about a lit­tle frozen vari­ety in the glass? With the help of our tips, you can make dif­fer­ent ice cube vari­eties your­self in no time at all.

Falafel recipe with car­rot fen­nel salad

Get that Coro­na vaca­tion feel­ing on your plate — it’s easy with this ori­en­tal falafel recipe. How to pre­pare the balls and what goes with falafel.

Rösti with kohlra­bi and potatoes

We mod­i­fy the clas­sic rösti a bit by adding kohlra­bi and omit­ting the bacon — so per­fect for a veg­e­tar­i­an or veg­an menu, too.

Bean sal­ad recipe: minty and light

In this coun­try, broad beans tend to go in soups. But the Syr­i­an spe­cial­ty foul medammas turns beans into an aro­mat­ic sum­mer treat.

The 5 best low carb snacks for the lit­tle hunger in between

Here you’ll find the best low-carb snack ideas for in between meals. Look for­ward to deli­cious recipes — from raw veg­eta­bles to smoked salmon rolls.

3 deli­cious mock­tail recipes

With fresh ingre­di­ents and col­or­ful com­bi­na­tions — this is how to cre­ate a deli­cious non-alco­holic drink for a relax­ing sum­mer evening.

3 Infused Water Recipes

Infused water is par­tic­u­lar­ly pop­u­lar this sum­mer. The healthy thirst quencher is not only healthy, but also very easy to make yourself.

Fresh pic­nic recipes for summer

With the deli­cious veg­e­tar­i­an recipes you are per­fect­ly pre­pared. Look for­ward to an arugu­la-man­go sal­ad, spinach-feta muffins and veg­an blue­ber­ry scones.

Dry­ing toma­toes yourself

Dry­ing toma­toes your­self is quite easy. And the result tastes deli­cious­ly intense summer!