Blog — #gar­den­fri­day and Bet­ter Food

On this page you will find all con­tri­bu­tions to the #gar­den­fri­day and the top­ic of bet­ter food. The #gar­den­fri­day was a one-year project with the AOK in which we pre­sent­ed you every week a cur­rent veg­etable, fruit or spice of the sea­son. The Bet­ter Food sec­tion will replace the #gar­den­fri­day. In the future we will present you arti­cles of the AOK, which should help you to eat bet­ter and health­i­er, so that you are fit­ter and moti­vat­ed dur­ing your studies.

AOK — Con­tri­bu­tions for a bet­ter and health­i­er diet

March 22 2023

Healthy fast food — deli­cious alter­na­tives to the classics

Fast food tends to have a bad rep­u­ta­tion, and for good rea­son: the food is often too high in sug­ar, salt and fat. These ingre­di­ents can pro­mote an unhealthy diet and are there­fore a cause for con­cern. Nev­er­the­less, there are some tricks you can use to make pop­u­lar fast food dish­es healthy and bal­anced, too.

March 15 2023

No time to cook? Tips for quick healthy dishes

Healthy eat­ing is an impor­tant part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be dif­fi­cult to stick to a healthy diet con­sis­tent­ly, espe­cial­ly when you have lit­tle time. Many peo­ple believe that eat­ing healthy requires a lot of time and ener­gy, and there­fore can be con­sid­ered a full-time job. For­tu­nate­ly, how­ev­er, this is not the case.

March 08 2023

Super­foods: What’s behind them and how healthy they real­ly are

Super­foods, such as goji berries, açaí, spir­uli­na and wheat­grass, are enjoy­ing con­tin­ued pop­u­lar­i­ty in the diet. They are said to offer a vari­ety of health ben­e­fits and keep the body fit. But is this promise real­ly real­is­tic and sus­tain­able? And aren’t there home­grown alter­na­tives that are just as healthy and nutrient-rich?

15 Feb. 2023

Alter­na­tive to sug­ar — Is ste­via unhealthy or safe?

For many peo­ple, a healthy diet starts with avoid­ing sug­ar. Sug­ar not only con­tains many calo­ries, but also pro­motes the devel­op­ment of caries and has an unfa­vor­able effect on blood sug­ar lev­els. So it’s no won­der that alter­na­tive sweet­en­ers such as ste­via or xyl­i­tol are becom­ing increas­ing­ly pop­u­lar. How­ev­er, sug­ar alter­na­tives should also be used with cau­tion, because they also have some disadvantages.

08 Feb 2023

Healthy snacks for the small hunger

The Ger­man Nutri­tion Soci­ety rec­om­mends three sol­id meals with­out snacks in between. How­ev­er, it is not always pos­si­ble to imple­ment this in every­day life, because when the small hunger becomes a big one, many peo­ple like to reach for unhealthy snacks. But this does not have to be the case. In such cas­es, healthy snacks should be the bet­ter choice to pro­mote our health, qual­i­ty of life and per­for­mance. With the right shop­ping list, healthy snacks can also be on hand at all times and are just as deli­cious as can­dy bars, cook­ies and the like.

01 Feb 2023

Eat­ing healthy despite lit­tle mon­ey — this is how it works

A healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. But for many, it’s hard to eat a bal­anced diet on a lim­it­ed bud­get. For­tu­nate­ly, there are ways to plan a nutri­tious diet on a lim­it­ed bud­get. With a lit­tle knowl­edge and orga­ni­za­tion, it is pos­si­ble to eat healthy with­out break­ing the budget.

Jan 25 2023

Anti-inflam­ma­to­ry foods — coun­ter­act inflam­ma­tion with veg­eta­bles and fruits

Nutri­tion has a great influ­ence on our well-being and health. It is impor­tant for our health to pre­vent chron­ic inflam­ma­tion in the body, which often devel­ops insid­i­ous­ly and remains unno­ticed for a long time. Here you can learn which foods help against inflam­ma­tion and thus pre­vent diseases.

Jan 11, 2023

Cheap and yet healthy — tips for cook­ing and shopping

Cheap cook­ing and a healthy diet are not mutu­al­ly exclu­sive. These tips will help you save mon­ey, eat deli­cious food and pro­vide your body with all the nutri­ents it needs.

Dec. 14, 2022

Med­i­c­i­nal plants as nat­ur­al home remedies

It feels so good to hold your cold nose over a steam­ing cup of tea with med­i­c­i­nal herbs and warm your hands. Espe­cial­ly for colds, local herbs work won­ders. This arti­cle tells you what you need to know to use them to alle­vi­ate your symptoms.

Dec 07, 2022

Stud­ies prove — Cook­ing your­self is healthier

Peo­ple who cook for them­selves eat health­i­er. That’s what researchers at John Hop­kins Uni­ver­si­ty in Bal­ti­more found in a study. But what does a home-cooked, whole­some meal look like? And what tricks are there for sin­gles and fam­i­lies when there is lit­tle time to cook?

Nov. 30, 2022

Vit­a­min C — How much do we need?

Vit­a­min C is by far the best known vit­a­min. It is con­tained in numer­ous foods and we can do a lot our­selves to keep our vit­a­min lev­els at just the right lev­el. How­ev­er, our need increas­es dur­ing spe­cial phys­i­cal stress. In this arti­cle, you will learn how you can pre­pare your­self to pro­vide your body with the best pos­si­ble sup­ply and what else you should know about vit­a­min C.

Nov. 23, 2022

Vit­a­mins in win­ter — region­al super­foods for your immune system

In the cold win­ter months, good defens­es are espe­cial­ly impor­tant. Vit­a­min-rich fruits and veg­eta­bles help your body stay fit and healthy. You don’t have to resort to exot­ic fruits for this, because there are just as many tasty vit­a­min bombs in this country.

Nov. 16, 2022

7 healthy break­fast ideas

To start the day with full pow­er, a healthy break­fast is essen­tial. Whether fresh fruit, a whole-grain sand­wich or home­made mues­li — read how impor­tant a bal­anced break­fast is and what ideas are avail­able to be sup­plied with essen­tial vit­a­mins and min­er­als every day.

Nov 09, 2022

Veg­an diet — These are the pros and cons

Veg­an nutri­tion means abstain­ing from meat and fish as well as all ani­mal prod­ucts, i.e. dairy prod­ucts, eggs and hon­ey, among oth­ers. Even though grain prod­ucts, fruits and veg­eta­bles are con­sid­ered very healthy foods, crit­ics warn of defi­cien­cy symp­toms. Is liv­ing veg­an healthy?

Nov 02, 2022

Veg­e­tar­i­an diet — how healthy is it?

There are numer­ous rea­sons that speak for a veg­e­tar­i­an diet. Many veg­e­tar­i­ans are con­cerned about the wel­fare of ani­mals or the pro­tec­tion of the cli­mate, oth­ers do with­out fish, meat and poul­try for their health. What are the actu­al ben­e­fits of this type of diet? Is a defi­cien­cy of cer­tain nutri­ents likely?

Oct. 26, 2022

Order­ing food online: prac­ti­cal or superfluous?

It is a con­ve­nient alter­na­tive for those who have lit­tle time: sim­ply order the gro­ceries online. No long queues, noth­ing heavy to car­ry — just a few clicks and you can have milk, veg­eta­bles, cheese and oth­er gro­ceries deliv­ered. What you should know about order­ing gro­ceries online.

19 Oct. 2022

How healthy are canned foods?

Food from a tin can can be kept for years. That explains why the cans are in the pantry of almost every house­hold. But what about the nutri­tion­al con­tent of the food? Can cans release harm­ful sub­stances into the food?

Oct. 12, 2022

Alco­hol and sport: Why this is not a good combination

Alco­hol is taboo before impor­tant games and com­pe­ti­tions. How­ev­er, many ath­letes are unaware that even a few beers can reduce train­ing suc­cess. Alco­hol not only inhibits mus­cle growth, it also pre­vents fat loss, makes you tired and reduces your abil­i­ty to react. In the worst case, this can lead to injuries.

05 Oct. 2022

Mis­con­cep­tions and myths about alco­hol in the fact check

Alco­hol poi­son­ing can be dan­ger­ous because out­siders often mis­judge the sit­u­a­tion and do not real­ize that the per­son needs help. How­ev­er, there are symp­toms when a doc­tor should be noti­fied immediately.

28 Sept. 2022

Mis­con­cep­tions and myths about alco­hol in the fact check

Can women real­ly tol­er­ate less alco­hol than men and does a counter beer help against the hang­over after­wards? Many pop­u­lar say­ings have become estab­lished around the sub­ject of alco­hol. But by no means all of them are true. Find out which ones can live up to their rep­u­ta­tion and which ones are just booze ideas in the AOK fact check.

21 Sept. 2022

Eat­ing with a cold: these foods help

Every adult suf­fers from two to five colds a year — chil­dren can even have up to eight minor infec­tions. Can cer­tain foods speed up the heal­ing process?

July 27, 2022

How healthy is our water?

One hun­dred and twen­ty-five liters — that’s how much drink­ing water was con­sumed per inhab­i­tant in Ger­many in 2019. But can you actu­al­ly drink the water from the tap with­out hes­i­ta­tion? Isn’t store-bought min­er­al water bet­ter? Find out here about the qual­i­ty of our drink­ing water and how healthy it is.

July 20, 2022

Why a healthy lifestyle and cli­mate pro­tec­tion go hand in hand

Ditch the car and hop on the bike or skip the meat dish in the cafe­te­ria? Both not only pro­tect the cli­mate, but also pre­vent chron­ic dis­eases: A clas­sic win-win situation.

July 13, 2022

Drink­ing: How much water does man need?

Water makes up about 60 per­cent of our body. To bal­ance our flu­id intake, we should drink a lot. But how much is enough? And why do dif­fer­ent con­di­tions apply to ath­letes, babies and seniors?

06 July 2022

Smart snack­ing

Whether at work or at school, peo­ple who feel rav­en­ous reach for crois­sants and choco­late bars more often than apples. As a result, a not insignif­i­cant por­tion of ener­gy intake comes from the con­sump­tion of unhealthy snacks. The prob­lem is that these are avail­able almost every­where. Unhealthy because they are often par­tic­u­lar­ly high in calo­ries and their nutri­tion­al val­ue is low. Rea­son enough, there­fore, to pre­pare for crav­ings and have whole­some, healthy and tasty snacks on hand in the future.

June 29, 2022

Mid­night snack — Does eat­ing late real­ly make you fat?

Every­thing we eat late at night goes straight to our hips — every­one has prob­a­bly stum­bled over this state­ment at some point in their lives. But is it true? What role the tim­ing of our meals plays in digestion.

June 22, 2022

Is sug­ar addictive?

Peo­ple who love sweets usu­al­ly want more of them. Some peo­ple pol­ish off an entire bar of choco­late in one evening. Is that addic­tive behav­ior? And is it real­ly sug­ar that trig­gers this addic­tion? Experts are divid­ed on this.

#gar­den­fri­day contributions

Woodruff — star for the may punch

Small, light green and rather incon­spic­u­ous, woodruff grows in almost every decid­u­ous for­est. In spring, the herb is one of the first plants to sprout from the ground again after win­ter. Depending…

Goji berry — queen of superfoods

Goji berry is con­sid­ered a mir­a­cle fruit due to its many pos­i­tive prop­er­ties. Many mod­els swear by the berry, which comes from Chi­na, as a source of their beau­ty. In addi­tion, the small shriveled…

Rhubarb — quite sour

Is rhubarb a fruit or a veg­etable? In fact, due to its ori­gin, it is clas­si­fied as a veg­etable. How­ev­er, because of the way it is pre­pared, it is often mis­tak­en­ly clas­si­fied as a fruit. Quite fun­ny is…

Radic­chio — a real Italian

Although it has been known in our coun­try for only a few decades, radic­chio has been win­ning over south­ern Euro­peans since ancient times. For us, the leafy veg­etable is just anoth­er vari­ety of let­tuce. How­ev­er, can…

Aspara­gus — Noble and fine

Year after year, many gourmets enjoy the aspara­gus sea­son. The noble veg­etable is not only super ver­sa­tile in use, but at the same time trans­forms any dish into a delicacy.…

Spinach — Green and Fine

“Eat your spinach and you’ll be as strong as Pop­eye” — I’m sure many of us heard this phrase as a small child. Pop­eye is espe­cial­ly famous for…