Raised beds at the Sontheim campus

Raised beds at the Sontheim campus

with the friendly support of AOK-Heilbronn-Franken

With the support of the AOK we from the sustainability department have started the raised beds project at the Sontheim campus. The goal is of course to grow our own fruits and vegetables. Under the #gardenfriday we post interesting articles every Friday:

  • on the progress of the project
  • to seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • on positive properties on the body of various fruits and vegetables
  • on sustainability issues

But you can stay up to date not only on Instagram. You can also find out everything about raised beds, sustainability, fruit and vegetables on Yammer, in the newsletter, and here on this page.

Are you ready for our garden project? We need YOUR support! The raised beds and the first seedlings are gradually making their way around campus. So if you feel like proving your green thumb at the university, feel free to contact us by mail at nachhaltigkeit-hnvs.hs-heilbronn.de!

AOK - Heilbronn-Franconia

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