Free legal advice

Stu­dents can often face legal issues and prob­lems, whether relat­ed to their stud­ies or their per­son­al lives. In many cas­es, pro­fes­sion­al legal advice can be help­ful, but the cost can often be a hur­dle. For­tu­nate­ly, thanks to our col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Law firm RBB & Part­ner and the rai law firm offer you a free legal consultation. 

The attor­neys at RBB & Part­ner and the rai law firm offer a wide range of con­sult­ing ser­vices, includ­ing issues relat­ed to study and exam­i­na­tion reg­u­la­tions, land­lord and ten­ant law, labor law, and much more.

And, of course, one thing is clear: every­thing you dis­cuss with the lawyer will be nat­u­ral­ly con­fi­den­tial treated! 

The offer is only valid for enrolled stu­dents of Heil­bronn Uni­ver­si­ty!

Reg­is­tra­tion for free legal advice

A clar­i­fi­ca­tion of your legal ques­tions or prob­lems takes place exclu­sive­ly by mail. Please send a mail to ser­vice-shaasta.hs-heilbronn.deOur col­league Andreas will put you in touch with our law firm.

It is impor­tant that your mail con­tains the fol­low­ing information:

  • Names
  • Matric­u­la­tion number
  • Phone num­ber
  • E‑mail address

You can also con­tact Andreas if you have any questions.