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Car sharing is no longer a foreign concept. Everyone knows about it and many people already use it. It is especially popular in the big cities. But you as a student at the Schwäbisch Hall campus can now also benefit from the offer! Thanks to the cooperation with teilAuto e.V. and the support of RECA NORM Ltd. you can borrow a car at super low cost. Because the otherwise always very high deposit is now waived for enrolled students of the HHN.

What makes CarSharing so interesting you can read in the next section. If you prefer to know directly how you can rent a car, you can find all further information either in the flyer or in the lower section of this page.

Advantages of CarSharing

Flexible and versatile

Small car, sedan or would you prefer a van?

You don't have to commit to one vehicle. Thanks to CarSharing, you can choose the car you need for the situation at hand. Whether it's a transport for the move, a van for the trip with friends or a small car for the weekly shopping - with CarSharing you have the freedom of choice.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

You're not the only one who benefits from flexibility and diversity. The environment also thanks you, because CarSharing is environmentally friendly. How can that be? It's simple:

  • CarSharing relieves traffic congestion because many people either sell their private cars or don't buy one in the first place. Ergo: fewer cars = good for the environment.
  • As a result of the fact that fewer cars are purchased, the number of cars on the road is also reduced. Ergo: Less demand = less production
  • Cars from CarSharing fleets are more energy efficient than private cars. Ergo: energy efficient = less CO2 emissions.


At first glance, you might think that car sharing is not worth it from a cost perspective, because buying your own car is much cheaper in the long run, right? Yes!

Have you taken a detailed look at your fixed costs for your car? Are you sure about that? Because according to one Study the costs are usually underestimated by more than 50 %. Are you one of them?

With car sharing, on the other hand, your costs are always transparent, because you only pay for what you actually use. Car sharing is particularly attractive for people who drive less than 12,000 km per year.

Example comparison of mobility budgets of private cars vs. car sharing. Attention! Our sample calculation is no substitute for your own individual comparison of costs and tariffs. (Graphic: bcs)
Example comparison of mobility budgets of private cars vs. car sharing. Attention! Our sample calculation is no substitute for your own individual comparison of costs and rates. (Graphic: bcs)

Exclusively for HHN students: CarSharing at the Schwäbisch Hall Campus

In the following, we have broken down the costs that you will have to bear in the end. Furthermore, you will find everything about the process in the following sections:


Thanks to the kind support of the RECA NORM Ltd. we can offer you as a HHN student the CarSharing deposit-free. Thus, you get away much cheaper than some others. And what are the final costs for you?

  • One-time registration fees*:
    • for students with semester ticket: 0 €
    • if you have a Kolibri-Card: 40 €
    • without public transport ticket: 50 €
  • Annual membership fee* for teilAuto e.V. in the amount of 15 €.
  • Costs for the respective journeys made

*As of 10/2022

Travel costs and fees

Car usage is composed of three types of costs: Booking fee + booked time + driven route.
This covers all costs* of car travel (incl. fuel, insurance, etc.).

Car sizesmalllarge/combi
Booking fee (Internet)0,70 €0,70 €
Booking fee (telephone per call)1,10 €1,10 €
Time tariff per hour (7 - 24 h)1,30 €1,50 €
Time tariff per hour (0 - 7 h)0,00 €0,00 €
Time tariff per 24 hours16,00 €19,00 €
Route tariff per km (up to 30 km)0,32 €0,34 €
Route tariff per km from the 31st km0,28 €0,30 €
Route tariff per km from 101. km0,24 €0,26 €

*As of 10/2022

If you cancel your booking, only the booking fee will be charged until 24 h before the start of the trip. In case of later cancellation, 50 % of the time cost will be added.

In addition, fees* are charged for certain incidents.

Deductible for liability damageup to 260,00 €
Deductible for partial coverage damageup to 160,00 €
Deductible for fully comprehensive damageup to 340,00 €
Late returnuntil 15 min: 15 €
from 15 min: 30 €
Return with too low a tank10,00 €
Return to wrong place without reporting it30,00 €
Transfer of the vehicle to unauthorized persons60,00 €
Special cleaning: Handling fee30,00 € plus effort
Processing of warnings ("parking tickets")3,00 €
Invoice by mail instead of e-mail1,50 €
Invoice by bank transfer instead of direct debit1,50 €
Return debit note4,00 €
Reminder4,00 €

*As of 10/2022


To take advantage of the exclusive offer, you must first register with teilAuto e.V. register.

  1. Electronic Registration form fill out online and then print a copy.
  2. Send the completed form with your current enrollment certificate by e-mail to Andreas Lerche ( send.
  3. Waiting for feedback from Andreas.
  4. The reply mail from Andreas and the printed registration form in person at the ServiceCenter of the KreisVerkehr GmbH bring it by. There, upon presentation of your Identity card and yours Driving license completed the registration.

Checklist of required documents

  • Registration form (digital and printed)
  • Current enrollment certificate (digital)
  • Identity card
  • Driving license
Registration form


You have completed your registration? Perfect, then you're ready to go. To reserve a car, you have three options:

  1. Online via the Booking portal
  2. Via the app Carsharing Deutschland (available for iOS and Android)
  3. by telephone via the booking center: 0511 999990-318

No matter which option you choose, it is important to know that the reservation is possible 24 hours a day for all three options. After you have successfully completed your reservation, it will be available for you to pick up at your chosen parking space at your desired time.


Finally the time has come, the ride can start!

Drive off

  1. To open the car, hold the access card against the sensor on the windshield.
  2. When the on-board computer has recognized your access card, it will open the central locking system and release the car key that is inside the car.
  3. Check the logbook and the condition of the car before starting the trip.
  4. Does everything fit? Then all you have to do is take out the car key and you're ready to go.


  1. Trip over? Park the car again at the agreed place.
  2. Record your ride in the logbook.
  3. Put the key back where you took it from.
  4. Close all car doors and sign out again with your access card.


Refueling is only necessary when the fuel gauge shows only a quarter. Refueling is easy and convenient via the club's fuel card, which is located in the logbook.

There are two filling stations for natural gas in Hall, and there is also a filling station atlas in every natural gas car.

Online information: natural or

You can fill up with super gasoline either at the regular gas station or at all other Avia, Total, BayWa and Westfalen gas stations nationwide.

There is nothing wrong with that. If you ever fill up at another gas station, you will be reimbursed for the gasoline costs with the next travel expense statement.


You will receive a detailed invoice once a month. The dates of each trip are listed there. Payment is also made once a month by direct debit. The travel costs are made up of a kilometer and time rate.


I note that I ...

  • pay the receivables of teilAuto e.V. in due time before the expiry of the invoice deadline.
  • teilAuto e.V. ( and the AStA ( immediately should I not be able to pay an invoice in full at once.
  • check the car for damage before a trip. If I notice any damage, I record it and report it immediately.
  • leave the car clean. Otherwise I pay the cleaning fee.

Not allowed to use the vehicle ...

  • to off-road driving.
  • for participation in motor sport events and vehicle tests.
  • to driver training courses.
  • for the commercial transportation of persons.
  • for the carriage of highly flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances.
  • for the commission of criminal acts.
  • for other uses that go beyond the contractual use, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or other drugs that impair the ability to drive.

Cars and locations

TeilAuto Schwäbisch Hall has eight cars at the following locations:

  • Mitsubishi SpaceStar / Small car
  • Opel Astra / station wagon

Citroen Berlingo / CompactVan

VW eco up! / small car

VW eco up! / small car

Toyota Auris Hybrid / Station Wagon

Renault Zoe / Small car

Ford Transit / barrier-free

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