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Offers of the AStA

A clarification of your legal questions or problems takes place exclusively by mail. Please send a mail to service-shaasta.hs-heilbronn.deOur staff will put you in touch with our law firm.

Your mail should contain the following Data included:
Name, matriculation number, telephone number and e-mail address. Also if you have any questions please feel free to contact report

Of course, the offer is only valid for enrolled students of Heilbronn University.

And, of course, one thing is clear: everything you discuss with the lawyer will be naturally confidential treated! _____________

The free legal advice will help you! It is a Offer of the AStA of Heilbronn University in cooperation with the law firm "Lawyers RBB & Partner and rai law firm.

The free tax advice will help you! It is an offer of the AStA of the Heilbronn University in cooperation with the Tax office Peter Schröder (for HN, Thursdays) and the Tax office Ralph Benner (for SHA/KÜN, Tuesdays).

And of course one thing is clear: Everything you discuss with the tax consultant will of course be treated confidentially!

Do you have questions about insurance, contracts or your pension plan?

Free advice on subscription traps, gagging contracts, old-age provision, necessary and unnecessary insurances - an offer of the student body of Heilbronn University in cooperation with the consumer advice center.

Please register in advance:

Yammer - our network - an internal Facebook for students at Heilbronn University. After only a few days, over 400 students have already registered and organized themselves into groups. The exchange has thus started and in WiSe 20/21, for example, there was the first "Virtual Feierabendbier SHA". Further such actions will follow.

What Yammer is and how to sign up for our communication portal, you can read here!

You can find the sports program here

We are planning for the entire university to have various Excursions for the students and have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs on the trips. The focus here is - as the name suggests - on the topics of Sport and culture. We vary from semester to semester with our excursion destinations, so there is something for everyone. Especially for incoming students, these excursions are a great way to make new contacts and get to know student life from a different perspective.

Unfortunately the Students Tour cannot take place at the moment.

What is the best way to make new contacts? That's right, alcohol. The legendary Students Tour is a fun, simple way to meet students from different majors and semesters.

The ticket includes one free drink per bar and one free meal during the entire tour, so you can continue drinking fortified and with a good foundation.

All information and registration can be found in Ilias. As with any event, first come, first serve.


Your start into student life

You are new at HHN and in Heilbronn? You don't know anyone here yet? Your fellow students are still strangers to you? You want to make new contacts and don't know how?

It's simple: come to our Ersti-Brunch !!!