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Offers of the AStA

A clar­i­fi­ca­tion of your legal ques­tions or prob­lems takes place exclu­sive­ly by mail. Please send a mail to ser­vice-shaasta.hs-heilbronn.deOur staff will put you in touch with our law firm.

Your mail should con­tain the fol­low­ing Data includ­ed:
Name, matric­u­la­tion num­ber, tele­phone num­ber and e‑mail address. Also if you have any ques­tions please feel free to con­tact ser­ report 

Of course, the offer is only valid for enrolled stu­dents of Heil­bronn University.

And, of course, one thing is clear: every­thing you dis­cuss with the lawyer will be nat­u­ral­ly con­fi­den­tial treat­ed! _____________

The free legal advice will help you! It is a Offer of the AStA of Heil­bronn Uni­ver­si­ty in coop­er­a­tion with the law firm “Lawyers RBB & Part­ner and rai law firm.

The free tax advice will help you! It is an offer of the AStA of the Heil­bronn Uni­ver­si­ty in coop­er­a­tion with the Tax office Peter Schröder (for HN, Thurs­days) and the Tax office Ralph Ben­ner (for SHA/KÜN, Tuesdays).

And of course one thing is clear: Every­thing you dis­cuss with the tax con­sul­tant will of course be treat­ed confidentially!

Do you have ques­tions about insur­ance, con­tracts or your pen­sion plan?

Free advice on sub­scrip­tion traps, gag­ging con­tracts, old-age pro­vi­sion, nec­es­sary and unnec­es­sary insur­ances — an offer of the stu­dent body of Heil­bronn Uni­ver­si­ty in coop­er­a­tion with the con­sumer advice center.

Please reg­is­ter in advance: 

Yam­mer — our net­work — an inter­nal Face­book for stu­dents at Heil­bronn Uni­ver­si­ty. After only a few days, over 400 stu­dents have already reg­is­tered and orga­nized them­selves into groups. The exchange has thus start­ed and in WiSe 20/21, for exam­ple, there was the first “Vir­tu­al Feier­abend­bier SHA”. Fur­ther such actions will follow.

What Yam­mer is and how to sign up for our com­mu­ni­ca­tion por­tal, you can read here!

You can find the sports pro­gram here

We are plan­ning for the entire uni­ver­si­ty to have var­i­ous Excur­sions for the stu­dents and have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs on the trips. The focus here is — as the name sug­gests — on the top­ics of Sport and cul­ture. We vary from semes­ter to semes­ter with our excur­sion des­ti­na­tions, so there is some­thing for every­one. Espe­cial­ly for incom­ing stu­dents, these excur­sions are a great way to make new con­tacts and get to know stu­dent life from a dif­fer­ent perspective.

The next Stu­dents­Tour will take place on 27.09.

What is the best way to make new con­tacts? That’s right, alco­hol. The leg­endary Stu­dents­Tour is a fun, sim­ple way to meet stu­dents from dif­fer­ent majors and semesters. 

The tick­et includes one free drink per bar and one free meal dur­ing the entire tour, so you can con­tin­ue drink­ing for­ti­fied and with a good foundation. 

All infor­ma­tion and reg­is­tra­tion can be found on this web­site under stu­dent life/events. As with any event, first come, first serve. 


Your start into stu­dent life

You are new at HHN and in Heil­bronn? You don’t know any­one here yet? Your fel­low stu­dents are still strangers to you? You want to make new con­tacts and don’t know how?

It’s sim­ple: come to our Ersti-Brunch !!!