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09 Nov 2022
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18:00 - 22:30


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78th StuPa - meeting

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the legislative body in our democratic system. This is where decisions are made about the direction we want to take as a student body, where regulations and statutes are passed, and where the "legal" framework for the executive branch is defined.

Agenda (general) of the student parliament:

  1. Regulations
    a. Welcome and determination of the quorum
    b. Approval of the agenda
    c. Decision of the minutes of the 77th session

  2. Report of the President
  3. Elections
    • AStA Communication and Marketing Department - 1 deputy seat open
    • AStA Department of Student Services, Social Affairs and Equality - 1 deputy seat open renamed
    • AStA Department Politics- 1 Deputy Seat open
    • AStA Department Press- 1 Deputy Seat open
    • Arbitration Commission - 2 seats open
    • Student representatives in the Institute for Mathematical and Scientific Foundations (IfG) - 1 seat open
    • Central Audit Committee (ZAP) - 2 seats open
    • Center for Studies and Teaching (ZSSL) - 2 seats open
    • Central Quality Assurance Resources Committee (ZQA) -absent Faculties: WV, IB, TP - 1 seat open each.
    • Senate Committee on Research, Transfer and Innovation (SFTI) - 1 seat open
    • Committee for Recognition of Exceptional Student Engagement - 3 seats open.

  4. Reports of the committees
  5. Reports of the senators
  6. Applications
  7. Other


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Bildungscampus North
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