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23 Nov 2022
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Stammtisch LGBTQ+ and Friends: Crime Dinner

Stammtisch LGBTQ+ and friends looks into the depths of the human soul and tracks down a terrible murder. In a search for the perpetrator, you, as a character in the plot, follow clues and question your fellow players. Reconstruct the crime, put the clues together and convict the culprit. But be careful, you can't trust anyone at this table. Brazen lies, deceit, convoluted plots and family intrigues complicate your investigation. Will you nevertheless draw the right conclusions and convict the culprit? Come to our mystery dinner evening and test your detective skills. We will play "Murder Mystery Party - Deadly Wine". We are looking forward to you!

Deadline: November 20, 2022, 23:59

PS: We expect to send you an email on Monday with your randomly assigned role. There will also be outfit ideas which you can follow but do not have to.

The LGBTQ+ and Friends Regulars' Table:
The first queer group of the AStA is starting. We're all about a casual gathering of queer students and those who support them. You want to be yourself, talk openly about your experiences and be addressed with your pronouns without having to awkwardly out yourself? Then this is the right place for you!

An event of the AStA Department for Equality and Student Union Affairs.


Important notes:

  • Each participant must single log in.
  • When registering, please use the same email address, as well as with the payment.
  • Please use NOT your stud.mail, otherwise we can not reach you!
  • We only ask for your phone number in case of an emergency, e.g. if there is a misspelling in your e-mail.

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