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23 - 26 Nov 2022
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Successfully into the exam luck!

The team of the Central Student Advisory Service, offers from the November 23 - 26 Exam Happiness Days on the subject Exam preparation and test anxiety at the Sontheim campus.

Three days will be a Learning and exam approach expert at the Sontheim location Individual coaching and group workshops offer. This means: Students of the HHN can free of charge individual coaching or group workshops on the subject Learn effectively and / or Security instead of exam anxiety visit. The learning and exam (anxiety) expert will give you helpful techniques teach how you Understand exam texts correctly and solves, so as to give your Exam luck to get closer.

In the Individual coaching you can discuss your personal learning and examination situation and coach individually let

If you prefer to meet like-minded people, you can participate in the Group coaching and benefit from valuable experience and helpful knowledge from and with your fellow students.

Content of the individual dates may be:

  • Calmly recall what you have learned in the exam
  • Understand and solve exam texts and tasks correctly
  • Retrieve knowledge and express it in a well sturcutured way
  • High concentration and good work ethic during the exam
  • Dealing with pressure, preventing blackouts
  • Emergency exercises against test anxiety before and during exams
  • Mental training: Entering the learning and examination phase strengthened and with confidence

Possibly at the end there will be a Exam simulation (Saturday, 9:30 am, between 30 to 60 min). takes place, which is designed to be as realistic as possible and participation is voluntary.

For this you will receive a practice exam, which can be discussed with your tutor retroactively and by appointment afterwards - but you don't have to.

In the simulation, you can apply the techniques learned in the coaching or workshop and in the subsequent Final workshop discuss and deepen with the exam coach. This means: Final details on techniques against test anxiety and general clarification of ambiguities on this topic will be discussed (individually).

And: there are no grading for it! The focus is only on your examination request. 

More information will follow in the next few weeks. In order to be able to assess whether you are interested in the exam simulation, a request is made for a short feedback about it and which subject would be relevant for you in the registration form - thank you!

Please note that places are limited (max. 12 participants per workshop). If you are not able to participate in the short or long term, please cancel your registration to give other students the chance to participate in the workshop.

This event is an offer of the Central Student Advisory Service of Heilbronn University.


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