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08 - 11 Dec 2022
Abgelaufene Events


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Online seminar: Great transformation or great disaster?

Global dynamics, climate crisis, sustainability

The business model of industrial society - "take-make-waste" - has reached its end, and the compelling transition - by design or by disaster - is raising conflicts that are now being fought out with political and military force.

Is the transformation into the "globopolis" that settles within the planet's ecological, social and economic interdependencies succeeding, despite previous decades of failures and violent resistance? Are we in a transformation or a collapse?

Application deadline: October 23, 2022

This is an event of the Unit for technology and science (rtwe). The rtwe was founded in 1991 as a central institution of the state universities of applied sciences of Baden-Württemberg. Its task is to support the offering and establishment of the subjects of ethics and sustainable development at the universities within the framework of the funding program for ethics in technology and science.




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