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28 Jun 2023





Exam Blessing

The exam blessing is a tradition offered by many universities and colleges. It is a spiritual ceremony that asks for blessings and strength for the upcoming exams. The blessing may be said by clergy or other spiritual leaders and is intended to give students courage and confidence.

However, the meaning of the exam blessing goes far beyond the purely spiritual. The ceremony is also an opportunity to realize that you are not alone and that there is support. It is an opportunity to meet with other students, to exchange ideas and to encourage each other.

If you wish, you can also have a blessing given to you personally. This can be a very emotional experience and help to let go of fears and worries. The blessing can help to find the inner peace one needs to focus on the upcoming exams.

Exam Blessing
Image from Elias at Pixabay

An event of the Church on campus.

The church on campus is a place of encounter and exchange. It is open to all students and employees of Heilbronn University. Events, church services and devotions are held here on a regular basis, which can be attended by students and employees of HHN. The church on campus is an important part of the university community. It provides spiritual and cultural enrichment for all regardless of their religion or worldview.


Room of silence at Bildungscampus
Bildungscampus North, Room T.1.32, 74076 Heilbronn, Germany

Location 2

Bildungscampus North
74076 Heilbronn

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