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18 Jan 2023
Abgelaufene Events


16:00 - 17:30


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Online lecture on right-wing extremism in Heilbronn / The New Right

Technical lecture with speaker Andreas Hässler

Extreme right-wing actors of various stripes have been present in the Heilbronn region for decades. In the last ten years, a change in the extreme right spectrum can be seen. The neo-Nazi spectrum - although still active - is losing influence. It has been replaced by the so-called New Right. This group has set itself the goal of shifting the country's political culture to the right. In doing so, it addresses, among others, a "youth without a migration background." Andreas Hässler from mobirex - Monitoring | Education | Information at the Democracy Center Baden-Württemberg will discuss continuities and changes in the right-wing spectrum in the Heilbronn region. He also looks at how the right-wing scene courts young people.

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The City and District Youth Ring Heilbronn e.V. (SKJR) has been active in youth association work for over 50 years and is currently the umbrella organization for over 60 youth associations and clubs from the city and district, which are active in a wide variety of areas and sectors. In addition, the SKJR in the city of Heilbronn is the sponsor of the Regional Democracy Center Heilbronn and the Anti-Discrimination Center Heilbronn

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