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30 Nov 2022
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18:00 - 20:00


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20th AStA meeting

The General Student Committee (AStA) is the executive body of the student body at the university and is responsible for external representation. It represents the student "government" or the actual student representation in the narrower sense. The AStA is elected by the student parliament and consists of a chairperson and a number of departments for different areas of responsibility.

Once a month, a meeting is held to discuss the current and future projects of the units as well as the concerns of the students. All students are cordially invited to the meeting.

Current Agenda:

  1. Regulations - Presidium
    • Welcome and determination of the quorum
    • Approval of the agenda
    • Resolution of the minutes of the 19th AStA meeting
  2. AStA Christmas Party on 08.12.2022
  3. Sports'n'Summer 2023
  4. Report of the units - All
  5. Other


Room T 1.28
Heilbronn University, Bildungscampus North, Building T / No. 14, 74076 Heilbronn, Germany

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Bildungscampus North
74076 Heilbronn

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