StuV Depart­ment of Sport KÜN

Gen­er­al Duties: Uni­ver­si­ty Sports Offer

Cur­rent projects: Uni­ver­si­ty sports after­noon and sports outing

More info: There are two sports coop­er­a­tions with TSV Künzel­sau e.V. and TSV Kupferzell e.V.. Here, stu­dents have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to obtain a dis­count­ed mem­ber­ship and can thus take advan­tage of the full range of offers.
How­ev­er, free stu­dent sports activ­i­ties such as soc­cer, vol­ley­ball, car­dio fit­ness and a run­ning club are also offered. Here, stu­dents from the Künzel­sau cam­pus meet and thus not only com­bine sports and fun, but also have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to social­ize.
All sports are super­vised by exer­cise instruc­tors, which ensures a lot of variety.

If you have any ques­tions or ideas, please con­tact the unit man­age­ment at glad­ly at your disposal.

The unit is cur­rent­ly com­posed as follows:

Mem­bers: Chris, Ani­ka, Mar­vin, René, Lena, Celine, Sören, Philipp, Den­nis, Ramon, Nico, Andreea, Jonas, Jan-Niklas, David;