Join in!

You want to change something at your faculty, your campus or the whole university? Are you an organizational talent, creative mind or IT genius? Then get involved with us!

You have general interest? Then contact Josias ( or stop by the AStA/StuV office at your location. Here's where you can get involved next semester:

to see is the white house in america

Student President's Office

You are an alpha, always set the tone and your dream job has been "big boss" since kindergarten anyway? Then apply to become student president and be responsible for coordinating the AStA departments, chairing meetings and taking responsibility for personnel. You'll also represent the interests of your fellow students within the university and, of course, externally.

For questions contact

German Bundestag

Student Parliament Chair

Do you like to moderate, set the tone and have ideas on how to improve everyday university life for students? Then get involved as student council chair. You'll hold four meetings a semester, review and implement resolutions that benefit students, and represent students to the university. Can you imagine being the boss?

Just give Notice.

You can see a businessman pointing his finger at the viewer.

Chair Künzelsau / Schwäbisch Hall / Heilbronn

Tribal chief sounds like a job for you? As site chair, you represent the students at your site and are in active exchange with the site departments, student councils and the HHN. You also have responsibility for personnel and materials.
Fancy your first leadership experience?

Get in touch
for HN at

for KÜN at
for SHA at

to see is a budget, coins and a calculator


Money, money, money... Finance is your thing? Then you've come to the right place in our finance departments. Here you manage the money of the student body (and occasionally throw the fuffies around the club), approve expenses (we love limos!) and create the budget. You'll work closely with the budget officer and keep track of all transactions.

For questions contact

People of different nations join hands in a square.


You are a global citizen and you can't even count your favorite languages on one hand anymore? Use your talents and support international students in the International Students Department when they arrive at HHN, organize events for intercultural communication, help with problems that arise and be the student contact person for our international students. You are interested?

Just send an email to

You can see a laptop displaying a code.


You can usually be found in front of your PC or in a quiet room in front of the Playstation and you prefer to talk in programming languages anyway? Then come to our units for IT and technology and take care of all the technical stuff most of us have absolutely no clue about. You are interested?

Turn to

Culture and sport

You like to be active and think there are too few sports courses? You have great ideas how to sweeten the students' everyday life with cool events?

Then come join us! We plan various trips for the entire university for the students and have a lot of fun and laughter on the trips.

Because Henry Ford already said: Who always does what he already can, always remains what he already is. You have questions?


The image shows various app icons from social media channels.


Besides the daily study routine, do you relax with creativity? Then you belong in the marketing department! Support the marketing department with interesting projects and learn more about graphics, corporate design, WordPress, social media, etc. You have questions or want to support?

Then contact



"I have a dream! - and you? Realizing political visions, exchanging ideas with representatives of other universities or finding a common line. In our department for politics you represent us to different interest groups (university-internal, communal, on state level). You can hold the (university-) political strings in your hand! You are interested?

Then inform yourself at

Equality and student union issues

You are interested in equality and would like to work for the equal treatment of disadvantaged groups? For example, you would like to organize a blood donation campaign or a bicycle coding at your campus? You would like to get involved in cross-campus student issues such as dormitories and the catering situation? Then we are looking for you!

You are welcome to contact without obligation turn.