Press depart­ment

We are the press depart­ment of the AStA and as such respon­si­ble for our beloved stu­dent news­pa­per ver­bronxt. and the social media channels

The Press Office takes care of ver­bronxt. and makes sure that you are always kept up to date about every­thing impor­tant and unim­por­tant that is hap­pen­ing at AStA, at the uni­ver­si­ty and in our Bronx.

In addi­tion, we are the ones you will find in the AStA office at three in the morn­ing, just before the print­ing dead­lines, and the ones who like to hide from the jan­i­tor to make sure you get the lat­est issue in time.

On our Insta­gram chan­nel we enter­tain you with every­thing that makes up every­day stu­dent life. You can also pub­lish your own con­tent there. 

ver­bronxt. is your plat­form to give the cre­ative urge a place.

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