Depart­ment of Finance

Mon­ey, mon­ey, mon­ey… that’s what the Finance Unit is all about.

One of our tasks is the prepa­ra­tion of the bud­get. This is where the dis­tri­b­u­tion of the mon­ey to the indi­vid­ual units and depart­ments is deter­mined. So we make sure that your €25.00 goes to the right projects: We are respon­si­ble for mak­ing sure that the mon­ey is spent wise­ly and that all stu­dents of the uni­ver­si­ty ben­e­fit from it. Fur­ther­more, we are respon­si­ble for the account­ing of the stu­dent body and are the con­tact per­son for all depart­ments and stu­dent coun­cils in finan­cial matters.