Stu­dent Council

The Stu­dent Coun­cil of Heil­bronn University

Uni­ver­si­ty-wide the gen­er­al stu­dent com­mit­tee (AStA).

It is the exec­u­tive body of the stu­dent rep­re­sen­ta­tion and entrust­ed with the exter­nal rep­re­sen­ta­tion. The AStA is elect­ed by the stu­dent par­lia­ment and con­sists of a chair­per­son and a num­ber of depart­ments for dif­fer­ent areas of responsibility.

At the loca­tion the Stu­dent Coun­cil (StuV)

Each uni­ver­si­ty loca­tion has its own local stu­dent coun­cil. It rep­re­sents the inter­ests of the stu­dents of the respec­tive loca­tion vis-à-vis the university.

Among oth­er things, the StuV plans all kinds of events for the site, pre­pares res­o­lu­tions of the stu­dent par­lia­ment or the pro­gram of the uni­ver­si­ty sports.

The Stu­dent Coun­cil aims to cre­ate a vibrant uni­ver­si­ty where stu­dent con­cerns are heard and respected.

For this pur­pose, it sets up its own StuV units for impor­tant top­ics, such as sports, events or pub­lic trans­port, which then take care of the cor­re­spond­ing top­ic area.