TW student council

We, the Student Council for Technology and Economics (TW), not only represent the students at the Künzelsau Campus in the Faculty Council, but are also the mouthpiece for any student matters.

For those who don't know what a faculty council, or a student council is, here is a brief explanation:

The Faculty Council is a body prescribed by the state of Baden-Württemberg, consisting of lecturers, staff and students of the university. Without the approval of the Faculty Council, no new formation, change or dissolution of study programs can be carried out, nor can any change be made to the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO). In addition, the use of funds available to the faculty is discussed.

The student council is primarily there for the students of the faculty. It represents their interests and strives in the implementation of student goals.

However, we do not only advocate for students when it comes to university matters, but also try to make leisure time as diverse and as enjoyable as possible.

Cooking classes are offered, allowing us students to experience cooking fast but still good. Furthermore, projects such as a first aid refresher course or trips are planned.

The Fachschaft TW works closely with the individual StuV units and can thus organize the best possible for students.

We are always looking for motivated and committed students who want to implement the interests of all. If you don't want to choose an office, you are also welcome to get involved in the individual departments as a staff member. If you have any questions about the individual areas of activity or the structures, please do not hesitate to contact us at available.


  • Kim Sebastian Rüger (Chair)
  • Lilly Mast (Vice Chairwoman)


  • Sara Feindert
  • Paul Hoffmann
  • Julia Kural

Substitute members

Study programs of the faculty TW

Bachelor's degree programs

  • Automation technology and electrical mechanical engineering (AE)
  • Business Administration and Culture, Leisure, Sports Management (BK)
  • Business Administration, Marketing and Media Management (BM)
  • Business Administration and Social Management (BS)
  • Electrical engineering (ET)
  • Industrial Engineering (WI)
  • Industrial Engineering-Energy Management (WEM)

Master's degree programs

  • Business Administration and Culture, Leisure and Sport Management (MBK)
  • Electrical engineering (MEE)
  • International Marketing and Communication (MBM)