Professional Associations

All students of a faculty are called Fachschaft. Each faculty has its own student council (student council WV, student council ME, student council IB etc.). This is organized in the student council.

The Student Council represents the students of its faculty at the faculty level, advocates for you in the Faculty Council as well as with professors and lecturers, and ensures that decisions of the Student Parliament (StuPa) are implemented in the Student Council.

In addition, it plans, often with the respective student association, internal student council events such as smaller parties, first semester welcomes, excursions, etc. In addition, students also receive information from the student council about their course of study, such as: How do exams work? Who exactly should I contact if I have questions about the examination regulations?

The Student Council also sends fellow students to the Student Parliament to represent the interests of the Student Council on a university-wide level.

Want to get involved with your student council?

Just talk to fellow students from the student council or run as a candidate in the university-wide elections for the faculty council. As a member of the Faculty Council, you automatically become a member of the Student Council.