Health day at the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn

November 23 2022

from 10.00 to 14.00

Bildungscampus HN
Atrium N-Building / Building 12

The health day

You always wanted to do something for your body and soul and at the same time do something good for our planet? Then come to our health day on November 23 at Bildungscampus of Heilbronn University. 

With our various partners, you'll learn how to eat better, get your body moving even in the cold season, and save and rescue food. We'll also show you how to have fun at your next party even with a non-alcoholic cocktail, how easy and delicious a vegan diet can be, and even how it literally feels to fly. Other highlights await you on site, such as trying out a defibrillator, mixing your own smoothies with a bicycle and, of course, one or two giveaways and raffles. So be curious and come by! 

The AStA team and our partners from different areas such as sports, health and sustainability are looking forward to meeting you! 

The aim of the health day

The goal is to show Heilbronn University students how to eat better and more sustainably during the cold season, to strengthen their minds for upcoming exams, presentations and projects, and to provide a good insight into areas such as addiction prevention and life-saving measures. This contributes to an improved physical and mental state of the students so that they are better prepared for their studies as well as their professional future.  

Exhibitors and program

Actually, you should already know us and actually we should not have to explain to you who we are ... But in case it (however) has passed you by here again a short explanation:

The General Student Committee (AStA) is the executive body of the student body at the university and is responsible for external representation. It represents the student "government" or the actual student representation in the narrower sense.

In short: We are here for you and we are committed to you!

AOK Baden-Württemberg aims to operate in a climate-neutral manner by 2030. Because health and environmental and climate protection belong together. We focus on sustainability in our actions.

If you want to know more about the AOK and its offers especially for students, you can find out more here: Benefits for students | AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse | AOK.

More than 4.5 million people are insured with AOK Baden-Württemberg. And we are there for each and every one of them personally and never far away: from young to old, from students to young families to retirees. In all phases of life, we are your contact and expert in matters of health - and as the largest health insurance company in the state, we are a strong community that is especially committed to making sure you are well.

Protecting the environment, using finite resources with foresight in a targeted manner, managing sustainably - we all know and appreciate these necessary important tasks with their challenges. A look outside. 

But what is the sustainable approach to yourself, your body and your activities? The view inward.

Meditation can be an essential building block for your health. Sitting in silence and the appropriate breathing exercise bring the carousel of thoughts to rest and at the same time the body is supplied with strength and energy. With a calm mind and powerful action, you can return to your everyday life with power. Sustainability for you.

Our long-term goal is to reduce the throwaway culture of food and other resources. We save food in private households as well as from businesses - collaboratively, sustainably & appreciatively. We see ourselves as an educational movement.

All of this is done on a voluntary and unpaid basis, independently and free of advertising. The platform is the heart of our community. Here we network and coordinate locally and across Europe.

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe has been active in a wide variety of social and charitable areas for more than 70 years. It stands in the tradition of the Protestant Order of St. John, whose most important concern has been helping people for centuries.

Johanniter is involved in rescue and ambulance services, disaster management, care and nursing of the elderly, sick and refugees, driving services for people with limited mobility, work with children and young people, hospice work and other assistance in the charitable sector, as well as in humanitarian aid abroad, for example in famine and natural disasters.

We are

the Heilbronn Youth and Addiction Counseling Center.                                     

Our counseling center is located at Kaiserstraße 37 in Heilbronn.

We offer

free information and counseling sessions for

  • Consumers,
  • Relatives and confidants

around the topic of consumption.

We support you in achieving your individual goals, whether the goal is abstinence or not.

Delicious, fast, healthy and prudent. All this describes vegan food. Helped is not only animals and the preservation of their own livelihood, but it also does his own body something good.

In order to make the booth as professional as possible for you, we, from the Scholarship Green Future, have gotten the best possible help to support us. This is the, sustainably very committed, cook of the youth hostel Heilbronn, Jonas Kachel.

Together we want to provide an insight into the diversity of vegan cuisine.

Be sure to come visit us if you're in the mood for some delicious food or just interested in vegan food in general.

What is the Green Future Scholarship again?
We scholarship holders come from four different, sustainability-oriented courses of study. As part of our scholarship, we organize events under the name Green Future Events, which revolve around the topics of sustainability and climate protection. In summer semester 22, these included a film evening, a vegan cooking evening, a sustainable city tour and a trip to the district heating power plant in Schwäbisch Hall.

There is a broad social and political consensus about the need for a more sustainable economy and way of life - also about the fact that the transformation can only succeed in the long term if all stakeholders in our society actively work together. Kreissparkasse Heilbronn is part of this process out of conviction.

As an anchor of stability for the economy and society, we are committed to shaping the future in a socially just and ecologically responsible way. Our products and services also actively contribute to sustainable development. In this way, secure investment and personal provision can be combined well with greater consideration for resources, climate and social justice.

With our entire social commitment, we accompany the people and the economy in the region on the path to a sustainable future.

We offer a selected assortment of organic food, a large part of which is also of regional origin.

Our assortment is designed to take care of all your weekly grocery shopping and drugstore shopping without packaging.

With our concept we would like to make our contribution to the protection of the environment and a conscious consumption. 

Techniker Krankenkasse offers students the answer to the question: "How do I have to insure myself as a student?"

By supporting the universities and the student body with various courses (in areas) such as mental strategies, dealing with exam anxiety and participation in events such as (also) the health days, the "technicians" take care of the well-being of the students.

With enthusiasm active for your health and our environment!

We are a long-standing family business in the second generation. Founded in 1959 by Liesbeth and Bernhard Umbach, we have initially developed and steadily expanded from growing vegetables and cut flowers.

Since 2016 we are a certified Bioland company for ornamental plants (bed & balcony, perennials, grasses), goji berries and plants as well as vegetable plants and herbs in pots - from A like eggplant to Z like lemon balm.

On a total area of 35,000 m², including about 10,000 m² of glass, foil and shade halls, we produce today in organic quality potted plants and perennials for bedding and balcony, vegetable plants, goji plants and organic young plants. Customers are organic wholesalers, garden centers and direct marketers, as well as more and more orders via the Internet in our Webshop.