FAQ - Semester specific questions

Here we answer your questions, which are related to specific semesters.

On Wednesday, 5/27/2020, we held the Q&A session on the current Corona situation with the university leadership and deans. We asked your most important questions and got answers. Click here for the results:

You can find the answers to your questions here:

This decision lies with Theresia Bauer, the Minister of BaWü.

According to Communication of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, the 2020 summer semester in Baden-Württemberg will not be a "zero" or "non-semester" semester. The summer semester should not be a lost semester. This means that - as things currently stand - the exams scheduled for this semester will take place and must be taken. The examination period starts on July 3 and lasts until July 23, 2020. (Source: https://www.hs-heilbronn.de/corona/faq)

The registration period for examination services in the summer semester will remain as planned from April 17 to May 4, 2020. As of April 17, you can register for here register online. (Source: https://www.hs-heilbronn.de/corona/faq)

Since there is no more detailed information yet, it is recommended to apply first and try to get an internship. As soon as there is more information, this will be announced by the university. Status: April 15 2020

The petition was initiated by the student council of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, due to the problems caused by the Corona crisis. The current unequal conditions due to social, economic and professional disadvantages affect us all, therefore the petition advocates that this semester is not counted as a regular semester. You can read more about this in our newsletter or at https://www.change.org/p/hochschulrektorenkonferenz-kann-semester-gleiche-chancen-für-alle-studierenden

The petition is addressed to the KMK (Kultusministerkonferenz) and the HRK (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz) - these are the associations of the universities and the ministers responsible for education, science and culture.

No, since there are fewer days available in May as things stand and exam forms may have changed by then, the plan cannot be adopted. 

The test dates will be published in the StarPlan in week 16.

Yes, but this must be requested by the examiners from the examination board. Once this change is approved, individual examination performances can also be taken before May 3 if the examinee agrees.

However, the form of examination can only be selected uniformly for the course. It is therefore not possible to set an alternative form of examination for some of the students and a written examination in May for the others.

Yes, the Senate has approved a lecture-free preparation period of one week from April 26-30, 2021.

In principle, yes, but there may be changes, as this depends on the respective lecturers. Please discuss this with the respective lecturers. 

No, because an intermediate performance cannot represent the entire grade. For example, a homework assignment or presentation already given cannot be upgraded as an exam after the fact.

A solution for intermediate performance does not yet exist but is being worked out.  

No, the face-to-face exams have been postponed. The examination period still exists for individual examinations, which were already switched to alternatives before the examination period was postponed.

Instructors* must have requested a change by the end of week15.

The exam schedule will be published in week 16. If possible, the lecturers should let you know in advance how the exams will be conducted.