FameLab 2023: Talking Science

Under the motto "Talking Science", scientists from numerous countries around the world have the chance to present their research on stage at this event. The special feature: the presentation may only last 3 minutes and must contain the right amount of science and wit to engage the audience and the expert jury. Technical aids such as Power Point presentations are prohibited. Only props that can be worn on the body or quickly set up are allowed.

Join in!

Participation is open to master's students, doctoral students and scientists aged 21 and older who are researching, studying or working in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, computer science, psychology or medicine.

Taking part in FameLab offers not only public attention for the topics but also valuable experience in science communication, training for speaking in front of an audience, exciting contacts with other committed young scientists and, finally, simply a lot of fun!

The registration for the regional preliminary round in southwest Germany on 29 March 2023 at the Kulturzentrum Tollhaus in Karlsruhe is now possible. Application deadline: February 28, 2023

What else is there at FameLab besides Fame?

Besides a Prize money 300 € the winner will participate in a renowned communication and media training by the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik). This year, NaWik is also sponsoring a voucher for a #WissKomm seminar from its extensive in-house offering worth €295.

As a winner, you also qualify to take part in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld, Germany, and thus also have the chance to take part in the grand international finals.

  1. Prize: 300 € + communication and media training + #WissKomm seminar from the range offered by the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) worth 295 € + participation in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld
  2. Prize: €200 + communication and media training + participation in FameLab Germany: final in Bielefeld

The winner of FameLab Germany will take part in the international final.

When and where?

The participants will compete in four regional finals for a place in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld. In the preliminary round in Karlsruhe on March 29, 2023 the FameLab winner for Southwest Germany will be determined at the Kulturzentrum Tollhaus.

The German final will be held in Bielefeld on May 25, 2023. Accommodation and travel expenses will be reimbursed.

What's the point?

FameLab gives you the opportunity to give your field of research just the right amount of publicity. The media presence and success of the FameLabbers is remarkable: The winners of the last years are invited again and again to (professional) events, panel discussions and workshops after FameLab, among others to the TEDx series.

Source: From the press release of the Science Office of the City of Karlsruhe.