"Scholarship for You!"

Self-application possible from now until February 15, 2023

Are you currently in your first or second semester? Then pay attention, because the German National Academic Foundation is now looking for students who distinguish themselves through high intellectual abilities and motivation, social competence, communication skills as well as a broad spectrum of interests and social commitment.

The procedure

The self-application procedure is two-stage. School grades are not important here. It's more about your cognitive abilities. The first step is therefore a cognitive ability test, which takes place at the beginning of March in person at several locations in Germany and digitally.

In this test, competencies that are important for successful studies are tested. The test does not focus on specific technical knowledge. The tasks have been developed by the Studienstiftung.

In the next step, the best test takers will be invited to a selection seminar in June/July 2023. The aim of this seminar is to convince the participants in personal interviews and discussion rounds.

The scholarship

Why apply for the scholarship?

  • Monthly 300 euros as a flat-rate tuition fee or living stipend of up to 812 euros per month (depending on the family's financial situation)
  • Possibility of subsidies for health and long-term care insurance (if not insured through parents)
  • Family supplement and a childcare allowance for students with a child
  • Worldwide stays abroad
  • Language courses
  • comprehensive education program
  • personal consultation
  • a network of about 15,000 scholarship holders and over 75,000 alumni
Explanation graphic self-application, source: https://www.studienstiftung.de/ (Illustration: Cornelia Koller/Studienstiftung)

More information

On the Studienstiftung's website you will find, among other things:

  • more info about the scholarship and the test
  • FAQs
  • Demo version of the test
  • Explanatory graphics and videos

If you still have questions, you can also contact the Studienstiftung by e-mail: selbstbewerbungstudienstiftung.de

Information events

For applicants, the Studienstiftung offers two open information events for self-application via ZOOM

  • on Monday, January 30, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. as well as
  • on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 8:00 pm.

Here you can meet the current scholarship holders from the Ambassador Program in conversation. They will share with you first-hand their experiences with the application process and funding.

Source: From the Studienstiftung press release, January 11, 2023: https://www.studienstiftung.de/pressemitteilungen/artikel/stipendium-fuer-dich-studienstiftung-ruft-studierende-im-ersten-und-zweiten-semester-zur-bewerbu/