1TP3University Wine: Perspective Christmas Package

Christmas is just around the corner and you are still missing a gift? The gift should not be just another 0815 gift but something special? Then the perspective Christmas package would be perhaps ne idea.

The perspective wine, has put together again for Christmas a package with their wine and delicacies from Italy with delicatessen Waidmann. 

What does the package contain?

  • a university wine cuvée red or white of your choice
  • Italian herb mixture
  • Sugo al Basilico 
  • Bruschetta Pomodori Secchi Capperi e Olive
  • Linguine Mozzo

Price: 24,99 €


Quite simply by mail (perspektiveweingmx.de), Instagram or via the online store.

Important: All orders must still before 16 December 2022 so that the packages can arrive on time for Christmas!