Leo Club: Join now and do good together!

The Leo Club is a youth organization of Lions Club international, in which young people between the ages of 16 and 31 are involved under the motto "We serve". The focus is on community as well as sustainable action and issues such as health and famine.

Here you will meet motivated people working in teams, friendships will develop and you will become part of a network that will enable you to get started everywhere and exchange ideas with like-minded people. And not only in Germany. There are Leos all over the world - currently almost 170,000 Leos in 150 different countries.

The term "LEO" stands for Leadership - Experience - Opportunity. Because with Leo you learn to take responsibility, to deal with challenges and "you learn for life". They usually meet once a month and plan, organize and carry out projects in their clubs' region - so-called activities - that benefit others and have a lot of fun doing it! In addition to acquiring donations in kind or money, they also use the time available to them to plan outings with groups of children, for example, to organize sponsored runs and also to support Lions in their activities.

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Have you always wanted to get involved in community service projects and do something good for your fellow man at the same time? Then come to this year's Christmas party of the Leo Club Neckar-Franken. This will take place soon, on Dec. 23, 2022 at 7 p.m, will take place at the Charivari Restaurant. You are welcome to contact us again in advance via the channels mentioned below.