CampusCard meets PayPal

Schwarz Campus Service has expanded its payment options. From now on, you can top up your CampusCard balance via PayPal or have your remaining balance paid out.

With this expansion, you now have three different ways to top up your CampusCard balance:

  • On site
    At the recharging stations of the Bildungscampus, the credit can be topped up directly with cash or via card payment.

  • Online via bank card
    In the PaymentPortal service area, the credit can be topped up online via credit card or SEPA direct debit.

    Tip: In addition, you can also set up automatic recharging of the CampusCard if the amount falls below a defined level.
  • New - Online via PayPal
    Use the existing PayPal user account to top up the CampusCard balance.