Improve the "My Bildungscampus" - App

Meanwhile, many institutes on campus have either their own apps or just their own websites. There is no real way to coordinate life on campus from one place. Information about the dining hall, library, class schedules, and useful links have to be accessed from many different websites, making everyday life on campus more confusing and time-consuming. Many people on campus also do not have immediate access to the latest information, causing them to miss out on many important events and opportunities, for example.

One group of students believes that improving the "My Bildungscampus" app would have a positive impact on the full Bildungscampus. "With this app, we could also help prepare prospective students for life on campus and help visitors find their way around campus." Their goal: To make sure everyone gets the most out of their campus experience and has access to the many opportunities available to them. 

"We want this app to be used in the daily lives of many students, staff or even visitors to make their day-to-day life on campus easier and give them something to rely on. "

To do that, they need to know what students, staff, ... expect from this app. So, what are your expectations? Support the projects by taking 3 minutes to answer the survey according to your needs.

Who is behind the project?

For the project within the Corporate Campus Challenge the Campus Founders is a group of students from different disciplines, e.g. Master in Management, Bachelor in Management and Technology and Software Engineering.

They are themselves current students at Bildungscampus Heilbronn and have a passion for making a difference in the local area, which is why they are taking part in the Corporate Campus Challenge. Their task is to improve the app "My Bildungscampus" developed by StackIT (Schwarz Group).