Students investigate "Possible ways to achieve climate neutrality for Künzelsau".

After a welcoming speech by Dr. Harald Drück, chairman of the Künzelsau Climate Council, the two students from the energy management course at Heilbronn University, Künzelsau Campus, Reinhold-Würth-Hochschule presented the results of a student research project from the seventh semester.

Under the direction of Professor Dr. Ekkehard Laqua, Maren Krämer and Maximilian Scholze investigated whether and under what conditions climate neutrality could be achieved in Künzelsau. The study was based in part on comparative values from cities of similar size as well as statistical consumption data from all areas of life - both for private consumers and for businesses.

The students came to the following conclusion: From a technological point of view, it is possible for Künzelsau to become climate-neutral.

The committee welcomes the results of the study "Possible ways to climate neutrality of Künzelsau". The investment costs, the corresponding land consumption and the number of individual measures required give a sense of the magnitude of this task and the challenges involved.
The presentation can be found on the City of Kuenzelsau's Citizen Information Portal under the meeting date of October 11, 2022.

Students have been looking into whether Künzelsau could become a climate-neutral city and, if so, what challenges it would face. Photo of the Künzelsau city administration.

Source: Pressemitteilung of the city of Künzelsau dated 02 November 2022.