HHN confirms hacker attack - What's next? Who can be reached and how?

As you all have already noticed, Heilbronn University is currently down. Heilbronn University informs that analysis and evaluation give first indications of a criminal cyberattack, the joint investigations with the cybersecurity agency of Baden-Württemberg as well as the State Criminal Police Office continue.

The internal and external experts are currently working at full speed, analyzing the digital traces and evaluating them further. A full statement on the attack situation cannot be made until the investigations have been completed.

Students who are unable to meet deadlines due to the technical failure will not be negatively affected in any way. A FAQ list with the most important questions for you is currently being compiled.

The team of experts is doing its utmost to find solutions for HHN members as quickly as possible. Experience shows that it will take several more weeks to analyze and prepare our systems for re-provisioning, with normal operation expected in a few months.

From the announcement of Heilbronn University, November 02, 2022.

Accessibility of the AStA and the HHN

We and HHN continue to keep everyone updated and informed on the website and on our social media channels. Our systems are mostly not affected by the attack and therefore still online. Therefore, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or Insta at any time. Our offices are currently only open by appointment.

The university is currently still only accessible to a limited extent. This affects areas such as e-mail traffic and digital services that are operated in the university network. The Webex platform is available for communication and online events.

Registration for the AStA event

However, we were not completely spared. The registration for our events, such as the trip to the Christmas market did not work for a few days, because for this the student login is needed, which in turn can not be done, because the systems of the HHN are down.

In the meantime we could offer you an alternative, so that you can still register for our events. Please read all information about the registration on the respective event page. We hope to be able to offer you the normal registration again soon.