Scholarship of the Gustav Berger Foundation

The Gustav Berger Foundation supports gifted students with financial need at Heilbronn University and therefore announces up to nine scholarships for gifted students in 2022/2023.

The application phase runs until November 15, 2022.

The amount of support depends on the personal circumstances of the scholarship holder and is determined individually in a selection interview. A monthly payment of between 100 and 300 euros is made as a non-repayable stipend.

The duration of the sponsorship is a maximum of two years. During a practical study semester financially supported by the internship company as well as during paid bachelor and master theses, the payment of the scholarship is paused.

Application Requirements:

  • especially students who are financially needy and socially committed
  • good academic performance; evidenced by the result of the basic studies or the bachelor's degree certificate
  • Expert opinion of a university professor of the HHN 

The following Application documents are to be submitted in the process:

  • Reasoned, informal proposal with an expert opinion from a university teacher
  • Application Agreement
  • 1- to 2-page letter of motivation outlining the need for assistance
  • Resume
  • Current grade transcript and/or bachelor's degree transcript
  • Proof of eligibility requirements
    • Indigence (usually through corresponding tax certificates, BAföG certificates, bank statements, etc.)
    • Social commitment

The application phase runs until November 15, 2022.