Bike-Sharing CampusRad: New App & CampusBikes

As of November 01, there is a new app "Call a Bike" for the use of CampusBikes. Existing customers will not be migrated. A new registration is required. In addition, the CampusRäder will be renewed and replaced by the cooperation partner Deutsche Bahn. Therefore, the bikes are only partially usable on 31 October and 01 November.

With the CampusRad you can get around the city in a smart and environmentally friendly way. The exclusive offer is available to all students and employees at Bildungscampus and Campus Sontheim. There are a total of fifty bikes, which can be rented and returned at one of the four stations in the Heilbronn city area.

Innovations at a glance

A new app and new borrowing process are the main changes:

New design

The bikes are now white / red. Recognizable by the red front basket.

New app

Call a Bike will be the new app for renting and reserving.

New lending process

Simply scan QR code to unlock. Lock unlocks automatically.

New castle

With LED indicator to show the status of the bike. New lever for locking.

New registration and borrowing process

In order to continue to use the CampusRad service or to use it in the future, a new registration is necessary.
The following steps must be performed:

  1. Download Call a Bike app
  2. With promotional code (CaB_Campus_Heilbronn) and register campus ID
  3. Scan QR code and start cycling!

Note: New registration is valid for both new and existing customers.


For students and employees of the Bildungscampus Heilbronn as well as the Campus Sontheim, a total of fifty CampusBikes are available exclusively and free of charge for 120 minutes per trip available (duration including intermediate stops). From the 121st minute, each additional half hour or part thereof is charged at 1.00 Euro. 

If the CampusRad is not returned to one of the four rental stations at the end of the trip, but is left at another location, Deutsche Bahn will charge a service fee of at least 10.00 euros for the return transport.


There are four rental and return stations where CampusRad bikes can be rented and returned. These CampusRad stations are marked with small flags on the map of the app. If the CampusRad is returned outside of these four stations, Deutsche Bahn will charge a service fee of at least 10.00 euros.

  1. Bildungscampus East
  2. Parking garage experimenta
  3. Student dormitory W27
  4. Campus Sontheim