Heinrich Blanc Promotion Prize 2022: HHN graduate takes second place with drone defense system

It is the crowning achievement of his studies at Heilbronn University (HHN): graduate Tobias Lück wins the Heinrich Blanc Foundation's sponsorship award for his bachelor thesis. "I am so happy and first and foremost delighted about the recognition and the high level of interest in my work," says the freshly graduated engineer.

Tobias Lück studied mechatronics and robotics (MR) at the Sontheim Campus. In his thesis, he is investigating the topic of drone defense and is cooperating with the German Aerospace Center Braunschweig for this purpose. "The title of my thesis is Development and Test of a Gripping Mechanism for Capturing an Intrusion Drone by a Defensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Put simply, my development can be used to remove unwanted quadrocopter drones from safety-critical areas such as airports," he explains. 

HHN graduate Tobias Lück at the presentation of the Heinrich Blanc Sponsorship Award.
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Professor Carsten Wittenberg is Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Electronics (T1), where the MR program is located. He, too, is very happy for the 24-year-old: "We are very fulfilled by such success stories. We always support and motivate our students to submit their work."

Professor Ulrich Brecht is also delighted with the success. He is prorector for the area of studies and teaching at HHN. "Our graduate Tobias Lück has absolutely impressed with the added value of his work. The fact that we are honoring him on the evening of the award ceremony makes us very proud as HHN - we are happy with and for Mr. Lück."

Once a year, the Heinrich Blanc Foundation awards sponsorship prizes for outstanding final theses. In honor of its namesake, the founder of the Blanco company and co-founder of E.G.O. Blanc and Fischer in Oberderdingen, these should be distinguished by innovative approaches. The Heinrich Blanc Sponsorship Award recognizes academic theses in the fields of engineering, economics and industrial design. In addition to new product ideas, the focus can also be on marketing concepts or special entrepreneurial strategies. A sponsorship award of 5,000 euros (1st place) and 2,500 euros (2nd place) is intended to reward the Young talents in the realization of their ideas are supported. "My passion is working on prototypes and bringing systems to function. I am therefore delighted to receive the Heinrich Blanc Foundation award, which has brought me a little closer to my big goal - to one day start a company myself that develops innovative products and adds value to the world," says Tobias Lück.

From Heilbronn University press release, October 14, 2022.