In ancient tradition: time for gifts of love

The Heidelberg Student Union is 100 years old. Time to celebrate? Yes, too. But not primarily. Due to the special times and its currently already beleaguered students, the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg is reactivating an old tradition, the so-called "gifts of love".

What is it? Almost exactly 100 years ago, gifts of love were understood to mean gifts and donations from patrons who, to paraphrase the soon-to-be-published chronicle of the Studierendenwerk, "wanted to do something good for the starving students in inflation-ravaged Germany". Out of tradition - and of course out of love - this is being continued: In the anniversary semester that has already started, students can look forward to a whole range of gifts. Whether dessert vouchers at the start of the semester, free menstrual items, spices in the dining halls, food packages for newcomers in the dormitories, or a home-made and patented organic student noodle with a specially produced matrix - the gifts of love are at the forefront and have even made it into the anniversary logo - 1 ♥ ♥ years of Studierendenwerk Heidelberg.

As is well known, funds are getting tighter everywhere and the Studierendenwerk is therefore very consciously foregoing expensive receptions, balls and comparable events with celebratory character and celebrities. From gifts of love, to free criminal dinners, theme nights and live cooking events, poetry slams, a daycare festival and a few surprises - the focus is placed very resolutely and consistently on its students, whom it is particularly important to support today, to whom the Studierendenwerk has been committed for 100 years or, to put it in the words of Tanja Modrow, the managing director of the Studierendenwerk: "to whom, ultimately, all our actions apply."

From the Heidelberg Student Union press release dated October 19, 2022.