Do you want to work on aerospace projects in addition to your studies? In our team you can implement and expand your knowledge gained during your studies and live out your passion for aerospace technology.

We are a student team of Heilbronn University, newly founded in the winter semester 2022/2023, which is set in aerospace research and development. Currently, our team is developing several demonstrators in pilot projects. On the one hand, a small satellite, with the goal of actually launching it and not only developing it as a laboratory demonstrator, a hopper that will perform a launch & land maneuver, as well as various novel space propulsion concepts that may eventually find their application in the aforementioned projects.

Students of the HHN can support us in our projects in their free time, or also through corresponding projects from their studies. The field of study or previous knowledge do not matter, there are many opportunities to join us.

Interested? Just write us an email to