Support program "Learning with tailwind" of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs Baden-Württemberg

The "Learning with Tailwind" support program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs for catching up on corona-related learning deficits will enter its second round in the 2022/2023 school year.

In the past school year, many students were involved in "Learning with Tailwind". The Ministry would like to thank them for this successful and valuable collaboration and would therefore like to offer students the opportunity to get involved in the new school year as well.

Who is wanted?

Students of all disciplines who bring professional expertise and would like to work with children and youth.

What is your task?

Support for the professional development of students in coordination with the teachers in small groups of up to 8 persons with a focus on the subjects German, mathematics or English at general education schools. At vocational schools, the vocational profile subjects, fields of action and learning, and areas of competence are added. At the special education and counseling centers, support can also extend to the other educational areas.

What does the ministry offer?

An interesting range of tasks, flexible organization of the scope of hours and the place of employment as well as a fixed-term employment contract for pedagogical assistants (TV-L, pay group S8a, between around 16 and 18 euros gross per time hour depending on relevant professional experience).


  • Questions regarding the content of the funding program: These can be directed to the Learning with Tailwind office of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs: