26th Lichtenstern - Future Marathon 2022

You like to run? You like to do something for a good cause, get to know interesting people and want to experience a colorful supporting program? Then the 26th Lichtensterner Marathon on October 12 is perfect for you.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, our social interaction in particular has changed. The inclusion of our mentally and physically impaired fellow human beings was also neglected during the pandemic. That is why we as a university* are supporting this year's Lichtenstern Marathon and would appreciate your help.

The marathon is initiated by the Evangelical Foundation Lichtenstern. This supports 1963 people with mental or multiple disabilities and their families. And it does so in all phases of life. The team now consists of more than 700 colleagues who help more than 1,000 people, in the city and district of Heilbronn and in the Hohenlohekreis.

Just drop by, run with us, have fun and be there!

Short facts for the Heilbronn section

Date and time:

October 12, 2022 from 08:15 a.m.

Start of the inclusion run:

approx. 09:45 a.m. in the foyer of the S-Bau, Bildungscampus

Stretch distance:

approx. 4 km


Neckarbogen (Lichtensterner AWG) and Neckarrunde to Inselspitze

At the 26th Lichtenstern Marathon, the focus will be on the idea of inclusion and, of course, the residents of Lichtenstern. The residents of Lichtenstern, together with representatives of the university, students, local decision-makers, prominent athletes, representatives of the German Olympic Society and players from the Heilbronn Falcons will jointly master the route Heilbronn - Weinsberg - Obersulm - Bretzfeld - Öhringen (Lutherhaus) - Waldenburg. In short: the marathon leads in 2 days in stages from the Bildungscampus to the sports and physio school in Waldenburg.

As a supporting program, you can expect a panel discussion on the topic of inclusion, live broadcasts to the German Olympic Society, the Athletics Association, live music before the start, etc. Stops - accompanied by musical entertainment , reception by the mayor of Öhringen, massage or expert lectures - are at Paul-Distelbarth-Gymnasium Obersulm, Affaltrach elementary school, Lichtensterner AWG in Bretzfeld, Martin-Luther-Haus & town hall in Öhringen, Buchhorner See (overnight stay).

*HHN supports only the Heilbronn section.

  • from 08:15: Arrival of the participant groups - greeting each other in building S of Heilbronn University at Bildungscampus
  • from 08:45: Start of the Lichtensterner star runner Erhan to his 16 km stage to Obersulm
  • 08:50: Welcome and panel discussion with press - Topic: Potentials inclusion by means of the medium sport - in addition integration of most modern digital aspects.
  • 09:20 - 09:40: Live video calls with the German Olympic Association, the German Athletics Association and the Sports University Cologne (Department of Sport and Inclusion) as well as the Research Institute for Inclusion for Movement and Sport.
  • 09:40 - 09:45: shortly before the start musical-rhythmic performance
  • from 09:45: Start staging and introduction of the participant groups and start of the 4 km inclusive run through HN. After that, it goes on quickly to the next stage to Obersulm.
  • from 11:15: Movement performances by high school students under the direction of Stefan Krapp at Paul Distelbart Gymnasium
  • from 11:30: 2 km run to Affaltrach elementary school - about 300 pupils and teams of the municipality and club athletes will participate.
  • 11:55 AM: Arrival and atmospheric welcome
  • from 12:20: Start of the run of the regular formation of Lichtenstern runners on to Bretzfeld
  • from 13:30: Arrival of the core group in Bretzfeld and video call to the DHBW CAS (Center for Advanced Studies) on the master's program in social affairs and digitization, which presents important aspects of the interface between social affairs and digitization. After the video call, the tour continues in stages to Öhringen (Martin Luther House).
  • 14.45Arrival in Öhringen with an atmospheric reception. Afterwards the runners of the Lutherhaus start together with club athletes on the way to the town hall.
  • 3:30 p.m: Reception by OB Michler. The overall format and message of the 26th Lichtenstern Marathon is presented in the town hall. Dialogue with OB Michler and his team.
  • from 17:00: Lichtenstern runners continue in stages to Lake Buchorn. Buchhorn Lake (overnight stay-food-professional regeneration).

Program in Waldenburg

  • 07:00: Start from the Buchhorn lake to the sports and KG school Waldenburg
  • from 09:00: Atmospheric run-in with a welcome by the Waldenburg School and the Continuing Education Institute. Other items of the program: Massage of the Lichtensterner runners, professional exchange - future of the KG, presentation of the 3D KG model, presentation of the results of the Hackathon on the part of the University of Heilbronn, presentation of the potentials of avatar-based technologies, video conference connection to the German Olympic Society and possibly the German Sports University Cologne.
  • from 10.30 a.m: Summary - balance of the overall event with lunch together directly on site - sports restaurant Waldenburg.


If you have any questions or comments you can contact the organizer and runner Jürgen Mennel: juergenmennelgmx.de