Digital health promotion

From October 24 to December 2, 2022, Techniker Krankenkasse is offering many digital programs for students and professionals. You can expect six weeks full of interesting offers on the topics of exercise, relaxation and nutrition - there's something for everyone.

1:1 Health Checkup

Duration: 30 min per person


  • Back coaching
  • Personality Stress Profile
  • Fascia check for frequent sitters
  • Sleep Radar
  • Nutrition radar
  • Posture check healthy frequent sitting
Mini breaks

Duration: 15 min each


  • Active start of the week (colorful mix)
  • Early Bird (activating start)
  • Get out of the midday slump (Neurofitness)
  • Stressless in (work) everyday life (pure relaxation)
  • Active into the weekend (colorful mix)
Course and activity offers

Duration: 60 min each


  • Strong back I
  • Strong back II
  • Yoga I
  • Yoga II
  • Digital and healthy - Conscious use of digital media
TC service offerings
  • Experience Techniker smart - the TK app
  • Health promotion independent of location and time - the TK HealthCoach
  • Hello family! - Healthy together into the future: Our services for families
  • Well cared for - nationwide and 1TP10Regionally strong: TK's extra services in BaWü
  • Care that gets there - the TK-PflegeKompakt app
  • Recognize mental illness
Interactive lectures

In addition, there are several Interactive Lectures per week including the Special Topics for Students:

  • Stress-free through studies - Start optimally, follow through optimally
  • Dealing with exam anxiety - calmly and stress-free through every exam

More info

All information on the respective offers, as well as dates and times can be found in the overview or on the TK website. In order to participate in the offers, registration is necessary.

Techniker Krankenkasse offers you a digital consultation day every Tuesday and Thursday between 11 am and 2 pm.

Are you looking for direct contact with the TK contact person at HHN? Then Birgit Carrera is the right person for you.