Promotion of regional artificial intelligence laboratories

A new AI lab is being built at Heilbronn University's Center for Machine Learning. Local companies are to receive training there and access to the AI lab is also to be made possible for the public.

Whether in cell phones or in the field of autonomous driving - artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Heilbronn University (HHN) in particular is very broadly positioned in the field of AI: In addition to teaching, HHN also promotes AI in the region through its Machine Learning Research Center (ZML).

What is completely new now is the continuation and expansion of the successful AI Lab concept. The head is HHN research professor Nicolaj Stache. The objective of the AI Lab is to keep the entry threshold into the topic as low as possible for resident companies.

The lab will be accessible through a virtual 3D building via the official homepage. This virtual space will allow the general public to experience AI. In addition, a real lab will also be built at the university to provide a link to tangible demonstration and personal consultation. The lab, which will be open to the public, will be located in the ZML and will be funded with a sum of around 200,000 euros until the end of 2024. The goal is to provide free AI consultation for interested parties. There will be workshops on AI to raise awareness and ensure a good start for AI-based projects.

The Heilbronn-Franken economic region, with its numerous medium-sized companies, can thus benefit from AI expertise. The relevance of the topic also becomes apparent in terms of its fields of application. For example, AI is making its contribution to sustainability in agriculture by reducing the use of pesticides. Environmental protection as a social task is thus becoming the focus of current research. HHN research professor Nicolaj Stache: "Artificial intelligence will not come - it is already here. We need to work together on it to make the best use of this technology for us humans."

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut presents HHN professor Nicolaj Stache with the funding decision.

Photo: Leif Piechowski

From the press release of Heilbronn University, July 07, 2022.