Warning of high risk of forest and wildfire

As the heat wave continues, warnings of a high risk of forest fires and wildfires are also increasing. For this reason, cities are banning barbecues in parks and asking people to be careful when barbecuing in and around forests. How you should behave now and what you should pay special attention to, you will learn below in the text.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing heat wave and the resulting drought, the District Office of Hohenlohekreis as well as the City of Heilbronn appeals to the population to behave responsibly and prudently, especially in the forest.

Appeal District Office Hohenlohekreis

"The risk of forest fires is currently extremely high and will probably remain so throughout the summer. Therefore, we are all called upon to do everything possible to prevent wildfires and forest fires," explains district fire chief Torsten Rönisch and asks for increased caution and attention from citizens.

Due to the fact that there are a relatively large number of wooded areas on slopes in the Hohenlohe district, a fire in such an area would be difficult to control. "If something like that were to happen, the consequences would be almost impossible to assess," warns Rönisch.

Appeal green space office Heilbronn

Due to the ongoing drought and high temperatures, barbecuing is now prohibited in public parks and green spaces in Heilbronn. This affects the Wertwiesenpark, the green space Lehmgrube in Neckargartach and the Ziegeleipark in Böckingen, informs the municipal green space office. In all other parks of the city of Heilbronn, barbecuing is generally prohibited, regardless of the dryness.

The Parks Department asks for your understanding for this measure, which is necessary for safety reasons. If the weather changes, the ban will be lifted again at short notice.

Known rules for behavior during drought

Barbecue in the forest


The public barbecue areas have been closed by the cities and municipalities in consultation with the forestry office until further notice. Appropriate signs have been posted at the barbecue sites.


The city of Heilbronn is not yet closing its barbecue areas in and around the forest. However, the Forestry Department of the City of Heilbronn points out that barbecuing is only allowed within the walled and marked barbecue areas and that at least ten liters of extinguishing water should always be carried. This can be used to extinguish the fireplace after use, but it can also be used to quickly deal with small pockets of embers after flying sparks.

If the urban foresters get the impression that the barbecue areas are not used properly and reasonably, a short-term closure will be initiated.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the forest between March and October, and open fires in the forest are also prohibited.

Stubble fields can also catch fire quickly in dry conditions, so these rules should be followed there as well.

Glass bottles or broken glass can also act as a burning glass and start fires. Therefore, no bottles or broken glass should be left in the forest.

Leave access roads into wooded areas clear so that fire trucks are not impeded in an emergency.

In addition, hot exhaust systems on vehicles can ignite dry grass. Vehicles should therefore not be parked over dry grass.

Anyone who notices a forest fire should immediately inform the fire department by calling 112. A precise description of the location is important. Rescue points, generally known parking lots or similar can serve as orientation here.

From the press releases of the city of Heilbronn (https://www.heilbronn.de/rathaus/aktuelles/details/artikel/grillen-in-parks-wegen-trockenheit-untersagt.html) and the city of Künzelsau (https://kuenzelsau.de/,Lde/warnung+vor+wald-+und+flaechenbraenden+_20_07_2022_) in each case as of July 20, 2022.