Finance lab in a class of its own: HHN opens Bloomberg Finance Lab

On Bildungscampus, the new Bloomberg Lab was inaugurated with a ceremony in the S-Bau. Here you as a student get access to global financial real-time data, which otherwise only professionals work with. The lab is part of the Business Administration and Management (BU) program of the Faculty of Economics and Transportation (WV).

With a ceremony, the Business Administration and Management (BU) program at Heilbronn University (HHN) celebrated its new Bloomberg Finance Lab at Bildungscampus was inaugurated. One of the highlights in the new finance lab: the ability to access global financial real-time data with the so-called "Bloomberg terminal".

This query and analysis tool from the New York-based financial data provider Bloomberg L.P. is normally only available to leading professionals and decision-makers from the world of finance, the global economy, and selected universities and colleges. HHN is now one of the few institutions that can offer this service to its students. The aim is to bring the application-oriented teaching of business management and in particular the in-depth study of the subjects of finance, accounting, controlling and taxation to the highest level using current tools.

Laboratory introductory courses booked out immediately

The laboratory is already anchored in the curriculum for students of the BU program. However, all interested students of the HHN benefit: Introductory courses have been offered in the continuing education program, the so-called "Studium Generale". "The places were completely sold out just one minute after they were activated," says Professor Ralf Dillerup, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Transportation, where BU is located. Together with BU Professor Thomas Kaiser, an expert in finance and accounting, he opened the lab's inauguration and handed it over to Felix Kilian from Bloomberg. In his technical lecture, Kilian introduced students to the basic capabilities, navigation, and query examples for portfolio and asset management. HHN lecturer Matthias Hänsel is a Bloomberg expert. In his lecture "Bloomberg in teaching" he emphasized the importance of the key qualification "data literacy" for all management students.

The offerings in the new lab range from basic qualifications with the "Bloomberg driver's license" to lecture-accompanying analyses in finance management.

The importance of these digital analysis skills as the key to a successful career start was made clear by the two graduates Dominik Seyfried and Moritz Krauter. Both worked with Bloomberg evaluations in their respective theses and are now successful in financial management.

More about the "Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer software system from financial data provider Bloomberg L.P. It enables professionals in financial services and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service, which allows users to monitor, analyze, and track real-time financial market data. Only select universities and colleges around the world use Bloomberg to bring real-world finance into the classroom, giving their students access to the same information platform used by leading business, financial and government decision-makers.

Image source: Heillbronn University

(Source: From the press release of Heilbronn University, July 08, 2022)