50 years of transport business and tourism - it was celebrated!

In summery temperatures, about 150 alumni, students and professors as well as many other invited guests and friends celebrated the 50th (50+1) anniversary of the study programs Transport Business Administration and Tourism at Bildungscampus Heilbronn on Friday.

The visit to the "Nostalgia Café" at the former campus of the two study programs in Sontheim brought back many memories from times past! The celebration continued at Bildungscampus Heilbronn. Diverse contributions, stories and funny anecdotes from the rector, professors and alumni gave insights into the development of the study program and brought back memories of the old times.

The festive day was framed, also by the parallel event "Night of Science", with numerous specialist presentations, hands-on activities, music and a laser show at a late hour.

The thirst could be quenched at a small Italian beer ape and for the hunger there were culinary delicacies from the Arab and Francophone world, among others, as well as a goulash cannon. The AStA also entertained the guests with delicious desserts, such as waffles, popcorn and cotton candy.

In addition, an old nostalgic bus and an American truck could be admired on campus. Fittingly, one could relax quite comfortably in the deck chairs between the lectures.