Do you love your home? Then show it!

Become a Local Hero for your region and "show" travelers the most beautiful highlights and best insider tips.

On the Your local Hero platform, bloggers can generate passive income with tours of their region and customers can find a special outing they don't have to organize and can do when and with whom they want - all in one app.

Become a local Hero now

Create your tour, but not 1:1 like a typical city tour - yawn. No, you sell your tours purely digitally as self-discovery excursions in the Your local Hero app. Your customer takes them when and with whom they want. You get a commission of up to 60% from the sale and have no further work with it except for the one-time creation of the tour. The more tours you create, the more revenue for you, of course.

  • You know your area well
  • You can write well
  • You want to show the beauty and special corners of your region to others
  • You have a computer / tablet + Internet
  • You create a plan of what you can do in your area
  • You write down the individual points in a meaningful order (as a full-day or half-day tour) and supplement them with appealing photos (no selfies)
  • You tell a bit about culture, tradition, history - nice anecdotes, exciting facts...
  • You submit your finished tour and after publishing it appears in the app where it is sold
  • You promote your tours on social media

40 %

when using our marketing campaigns for your sales, e.g.

  • Featurings on the home page
  • Specials in the newsletter
  • Series on social media

60 %

when using our distribution channels as well as general mentions on social media and in the newsletter and otherwise independent advertising.


You have a full day tour à 16,95 € and sell it 100 times. With 40 % commission that makes € 687,- for you. 

Let's assume you offer two tours and half of the 100 customers also make the second tour, then you already get 1,017 € with 40 % commission. 

Does that sound good to you?

Then apply now and become a local hero for your area.

By the way, I'm Katrin, founder of Your local Hero and local Hero for the Côte d'Azur myself. And I'm excited to discover your area with your tours!

Katrin, founder of Your local Hero