Automation at your fingertips

The Faculty of Business and Transportation (Business Information Systems program) offers the "Process Automation Bootcamp" certificate course from Celonis and Automation Software Make for students of all disciplines at Heilbronn University.

Celonis Make makes it possible to perform automation in a no- to low-code environment and to link different apps such as Gmail, Slack or Excel with each other. In the Process Automation Bootcamp, you will learn about process automation in a playful way and also how to program a bot yourself.

The training lasts 3 hours and takes place online, so it is easy to participate.


Registration is done online via the link below.

  1. First you need to register. The registration is also the login.
    Important! As a student, please register as 'Academics, Students'.
  2. Check mailbox and click registration confirmation within 24h.
  3. After successful registration/enrollment you only have to select the corresponding course in the catalog: "Process Automation Bootcamp for Students". You can also access the course via the direct link.



Ngoc Anh Ngo
Academic Alliance Manager | Celonis SE
Theresienstrasse 6
80333 Munich