Cur­rent schol­ar­ship announcements

Schol­ar­ships pro­vide finan­cial sup­port dur­ing stud­ies. Sup­port is pro­vid­ed by orga­ni­za­tions for the gift­ed and tal­ent­ed and pri­vate foun­da­tions. The award­ing of schol­ar­ships is based on the cri­te­ria of the respec­tive church, par­ty, trade union or state insti­tu­tions.

Ques­tions about the fol­low­ing and all oth­er schol­ar­ship offers will be answered by Ulrike Simon: stipen­di­en­

Cur­rent­ly, the fol­low­ing schol­ar­ships are avail­able at HHN:

Cur­rent tenders

Schol­ar­ship from the Fritz Müller Foun­da­tion (GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Appa­rate­bau GmbH & Co. KG)

Appli­ca­tion dead­line until April 30, 2022

The GEMÜ com­pa­ny (found­ed by Fritz Müller) is award­ing schol­ar­ships to stu­dents study­ing tech­ni­cal and logis­tics sub­jects for the win­ter semes­ter 2022/2023.

The finan­cial Sup­port of such a schol­ar­ship is month­ly 385 € and is paid for a min­i­mum of two semes­ters, but no more than six.

Fund­ing can only be grant­ed over the peri­od of the­o­ret­i­cal semes­ters of study.

In addi­tion to finan­cial sup­port, stu­dents can option­al­ly take advan­tage of the fol­low­ing offers by arrange­ment with the company:

  • study-relat­ed and prac­tice-ori­ent­ed employ­ment at GEMÜ dur­ing the lec­ture-free peri­od (for addi­tion­al remuneration)
  • Prac­ti­cal semes­ter at GEMÜ
  • Bach­e­lor / Mas­ter the­sis at GEMÜ

The fol­low­ing Appli­ca­tion doc­u­ments are to be sub­mit­ted in the process:

  • Cov­er letter
  • Cur­rent resume
  • Overview of study achieve­ments (cur­rent grade list)
  • Let­ter of rec­om­men­da­tion from a pro­fes­sor in the course of study

Schol­ar­ship of the Thomas Gess­mann Foundation

Appli­ca­tion dead­line until
May 15, 2022

The foundation’s schol­ar­ships are aimed at finan­cial­ly needy and social­ly com­mit­ted stu­dents in tech­ni­cal fields. Stu­dents must be at least in the 3rd semes­ter are located.

The finan­cial sup­port through a schol­ar­ship of the Thomas Gess­mann Foun­da­tion amounts to 150 € — 300 € per month (amount depends on the respec­tive finan­cial sit­u­a­tion of the appli­cants) for 12 months. In addi­tion to these schol­ar­ships, stays abroad and master’s the­ses can also be sup­port­ed. A max­i­mum amount of 1,000 € per stu­dent applies to the grant­i­ng of lit­er­a­ture subsidies.

The fol­low­ing Appli­ca­tion doc­u­ments are to be sub­mit­ted in the process:

  • Let­ter of motivation
  • Detailed cur­ricu­lum vitae in tab­u­lar form
  • Final cer­tifi­cates
  • Infor­ma­tion on the sta­tus and progress of stud­ies to date, des­ig­na­tion of the field of study, num­ber of semes­ters of study and sub­ject (cer­tifi­cates of achieve­ment, if applic­a­ble, inter­me­di­ate diplo­ma cer­tifi­cate, intern­ships, etc.)
  • at least one expert opin­ion from a lec­tur­er or pro­fes­sor at Heil­bronn University
  • Mean­ing­ful and sub­stan­ti­at­ed infor­ma­tion on eco­nom­ic and social cir­cum­stances (e.g. copy of BAföG notice, par­ents’ income tax notice, etc.)
  • Infor­ma­tion about hob­bies and leisure activities

To access the online por­tal, please con­tact the schol­ar­ship office of Heil­bronn Uni­ver­si­ty by 10.05.2022 at the lat­est. (Ulrike Simon, Mail: stipen­di­en­

You will then receive the link to the online appli­ca­tion through the schol­ar­ship office (appli­ca­tion dead­line in the online por­tal: 15.05.2022).