WoMent: Application phase starts April 11

The mentoring program offers you the great opportunity to talk openly, confidentially and at eye level with a business or academic leader about your personal career plans. The one-year tandem partnership is accompanied by a workshop program and individual career counseling and supplemented by networking opportunities.

WoMent briefly explained

WoMent is a cooperation project of Knowledge City Heilbronn e.V., Heilbronn University and DHBW Heilbronn and is sponsored by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.

WoMent is aimed at female bachelor's students in their main course of study and female master's students at Heilbronn universities.

Mentoring Partnership

  • Mentors from companies
  • 4-5 meetings per year
  • Personal and independent exchange

Continuing education

  • exclusive online workshop program e.g. on goal setting, communication, negotiation, leadership, design thinking
  • Individual career counseling with comprehensive potential analysis


  • Kick-off and closing event, interim meeting
  • LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Lifelong contacts through WoMent network